How to Stay Motivated When Blogging Is Not Encouraging…

How to Stay Motivated When Blogging Is Not Encouraging…

There are those times when it seems to you like you’re putting your everything into your blog posts and you think that post and your blog in general is going to receive a lot of attention and love from your readers and followers because let’s face it, it’s a bomb post but you log into your dashboard and you have what? 8 views in a whole day? No comment, no shares, it’s almost as if your blog is invisible. And you’re there feeling discouraged, about giving up on this blogging of a thing, asking yourself “is this really for you?” Because look around, there are so many people successful in the blogosphere, why can’t you be one of them? Why can’t your blog be among those at the top? At such times, what you should do is keep yourself motivated or else you would just feel like throwing in the towel and you can do so by keeping these points in mind

1.       The first thing is to appreciate the little accomplishments. There are definitely a few little accomplishments you’ve had with your blog. A post that has had a significant number of views in the past, any little attention or recognition you may have gotten from a reader or visitor are some of the things you should appreciate not just awaiting the really big and overwhelming things.

2.       Another thing is to build on your little accomplishments. Acknowledge and build on your little wins from the past. If you’re successful at putting out just 1 post each week and it seems it’s doing fine to an extent, try building on it by promoting every post you put out on other websites or becoming more active on social media.

3.       Always look back. By looking back, in this case, I mean remember how and where you started. Look at the shift between where you used to be and where you are now. It might not be a major shift but something has definitely improved, you are not where you used to be, are you? Think about how you used to struggle to compose or put out a post, look back at how greatly your writing has improved, how the quality of your content and topics have changed over time, the loyal readers you have no matter how few they are even if it’s just your friends and family.

4.       Remember why you are doing what you do. Why did you start blogging? It wasn’t to be famous or popular and it wasn’t for the numbers either. It’s because you were passionate about it. You loved putting out content? Giving people information and sharing what you know and learn with others right? Let that passion keep you going. Let the main reason you started be the drive and motivator and not the figures you see on the analytics screen.

5.       Get inspired. How can you get inspired? By reading other blogs, see what others are blogging about and what the audience are currently loving. Surf other social sites, websites, read paper and online magazines, watch YouTube videos, anything that relates to your niche. You can also get some inspiration from any emails or messages you have gotten from your followers, comments they have left on your blog and socials on how your blogs have helped them and how they look forward to more from you. It can be a key motivator that will push you to do more.

6.       Don’t be afraid of failure. No one wants to fail but in reality, failure is inevitable on the path to success. The fact that you are failing right now, means you are actually taking steps and that you are doing something so don’t lose hope when things don’t go how you expected.

7.       Don’t give up. This is a major key. Don’t walk away no matter how uninspired, demotivated and discouraged you may feel because in the long run with dedication, hard work, patience and time, success will come, the recognition will come, it will all pay off.

8.       Take a break. Take a break if you feel the need to. Sometimes we burn ourselves out physically, mentally, everywhere. Feel free to take a break to reorganise, re-strategize, recoup, revamp, brainstorm ideas and revive your creativity. Take some days off, weeks off until you feel refreshed and relaxed enough so you come back strong and hit your blog hard.

Hope these tips help someone who is going through a tough time in their blogging path and you find the inner strength to continue until you achieve your blog goals.  Do you have any additional advice for motivation while blogging.

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6 thoughts on “How to Stay Motivated When Blogging Is Not Encouraging…

  1. Thanks for this. Building a strong following isn’t easy. Takes more determination than many of us have shown. It can be dispiriting and I have slowed down but posts like this are a reminder that I blog cos I love what I do.


  2. Thanks for these tips. Patience and consistency is key in blogging. keep putting out good content, with time the audience will come.

    stay strong.

  3. I love my small progress… I just saw that last month I got 1205 views on my blog and I was so excited… can’t wait to build on that …

  4. This was really helpful. I get so discouraged when I thought my content is great and would finally attract the followers I’ve been waiting on a long time but no its the reverse but I’m really grateful. Every step I take is a blessing and when I look back on how much I’ve improved, it motivates me to keep pushing.


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