Business Tips: 4 Ways To Make Your Business Stand Out [Brand Your Business Differently]

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Branding is one niche I am really passionate about and it makes me giggle when some people think business branding is just all about creating a business logo and card.

The biggest misconception about branding is jumping into a conclusion that branding is the same thing as a logo. Yes, a business logo is one of the biggest things in branding. However, it doesn’t stop at that. From having a unique and remarkable logo that makes you stand out from the market, you need to know your business value to create an outstanding business personality, brand identity, customers experience and great business development.

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Without wasting more of your time, let’s get straight into ways to brand your business to make it stand out from competitors and market. Below are 4 ways to go about it:

  1. Purpose: I know you were probably just expecting us to talk about pictures, design and style in branding a business but no branding can’t be made without a clear and structured business/brand purpose. Having a business purpose can help map out 50% of the way your business should be branded. Ask yourself: Why your business exist, what impact do you want to make? – The answers to this questions should start giving an idea of how you want to present your business out there and how you want people to experience it.
  2. Great customers service: Legendary customers service makes people keep coming back and can help with marketing your business without hassle. A recommendation is still a very big role player in business and giving a great service to a customer can attract new customers and help get your name out there. Think about the last time you told someone about a service? Did they leave a good impression? I am guessing yes cos if not, you wouldn’t talk to anyone about them.
  3. Think big and different: This is the moment you pay extra attention to yourself, your competitors and the general market activities. What are they doing now? and how can I do it differently? People love new ideas and products especially if incorporated with the newest technology. You need to continuously look for a way to reinvent your business either through an introduction of new product, service or process of carrying out something. Keep your customers excited and products/services fresh. It can be an idea that can be handled by you alone or in collaboration with other brands. All these make your brand stand out from the crowd of competition.
  4. Originality: This is easier said than done but staying original is a very big factor in branding your business. Ask yourself why a customer should come to you rather than your competitor? Once you can answer that, you are good to go. Being original can be through your brand ‘personality’ = How people describe your business or the story people tell about your brand.  The luxury brand Burberry is a great example of brands with consistent originality. They stay true to their british heritage and always let that shine through in everything they do such as their style, advertising, packaging etc. What is the reason to repeat exactly the same thing your competitors are doing? 

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I hope you’ve been able to gain few things to help brand of your business from this post and  I hope you enjoyed reading.

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