VOL.9 – Five Major Problems New Bloggers Face In Nigeria

Following last week forum by Demi, we discussed about problems Nigerian bloggers are facing. Check out last week Thursday ‘Hot Topic Thursday recap here‘.

Most people think blogging is the easiest job in the world. They think bloggers have no issues at all. In fact, some people even go as far saying blogging is a job for lazy people. I don’t know where they got their fact from or who they think they are to judge bloggers. Creativity is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. How do we know we are doing something someone has not done before?

On this note, and after a little research and my own personal experience, I was able to gather a few points on what I think are the challenges we face as bloggers. Let me start with our number one problem in Nigeria;

1. Terrible Power Supply
This is a problem that affects every Nigerian. The epileptic power supply is the bane of the existence of every struggling blogger in Nigeria. The struggle to charge our phones, laptops etc. Especially student bloggers who live on the allowance we get from our parents with no money to buy or fuel generators. And yet, we still manage to keep our blogs running. Nigerian bloggers are the real MVPs.

2. Topic For Next Post:
After the struggle to fuel generators to power our PCs, we face the next problem of what next to post.
Immediately we put a post on our blogs, we start thinking of a follow up post because in our business, consistency is very important.It is not the first post that matters, but the second and the third and the fourth and so on.

3. High Data Rates and Terrible Network Issues:
When we manage to find electricity, and we also have a post to put up, network providers will now decide to show themselves. As if their data plans are not expensive enough, the network connection is also terrible. We have to move from one corner to another, searching for network. Yet, we carry on.

4. Time:
Blogging takes a lot of time and concentration especially for fashion bloggers and make up vloggers. But, sadly there is never enough time especially for student bloggers. We have to study, attend lectures, write essays, do assignments, maintain a good GPA and at the same time manage a blog. It is not easy, but then, nothing comes easy in life.

5. Competition and Traffic:
I put this two together because they are intertwined. When competition is stiff, traffic will be affected.
New bloggers are easily intimidated by old and established bloggers. But, one thing to be noted, is that, established bloggers were once amateurs. I would not lie, it is not easy trying to grow among established bloggers. But, consistency and perseverance can turn amateurs into professionals.

These are the major problems I think new bloggers face in Nigeria. These problems are not exhaustive, there are many other issues that I did not mention such as emotional and mental stress, depression and many more. One thing I have learnt ever since I started blogging is that, blogging is a test of faith and patience. We are one of the strongest people in the world, we grow from disappointments.

Now, we know the problems. I’m sure you are asking what are the solutions to these problems? This would be a job for everyone here as a blogger to leave their comment down below, giving one or several ways to handle each situation above. Let’s share idea’s.

6 thoughts on “VOL.9 – Five Major Problems New Bloggers Face In Nigeria

  • Mide

    “Nigerian bloggers are the real MVP” I really love that. Honestly you’ve mentioned it all but we just have to look for a way to make it work. As a student or career person, you have to schedule the time for school/work and time for blogging. We all just need to learn how to balance. We also need to learn how to save and spend prudently because as bloggers we need to be aware of trends and try to incorporate it into our blogs, if we are not careful however, we might fall into a rut.

    • Aminat Sanni

      @Mide babe are not MVPs lol…

  • Moyin Fayemi

    I really agree with all these points. The main thing is time and data. A blogger just needs to know they’ll be competition, but where us there not competition in this world.
    Really solid points Aminatawa.

    Beth fayemi’s blog

  • Aminat

    Thank you @Moyin

  • Adagirl

    Crappy network issues and the fact that i am still new in this blogosphere with a lot of professional bloggers around are like my many fears . But soon, we would get there.

  • Ada

    Crappy network issues and the fact that I am still an amateur at this with a lot of professional bloggers around are some of the challenges I have. But soon, we would get there.


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