VOL. 10 – 3 Tips on How to take Professional looking Beauty blog pictures

One thing I’ve learnt since I started blogging is that pictures are slightly a big deal when it comes to blog posts . Why? Because even though you might have the best post in the world combining it with good pictures would take it to a whole new level!

Human beings are naturally visual beings and so associating your post with memorable and attractive pictures is definitely the way to go in order to attract people to your content and give your blog a very professional look!

Now most people believe this is only achievable with a DSLR camera but today I am going to dispel that myth by creating this post using pictures from my phone camera ONLY

So enough rambling – on to the Tips!


This is the number one rule for every blogger that wants to take good pictures and trust me there is no limit to what can be used as a prop. I have used everything from handbag surfaces to clothes, rugs to book covers, mugs and perfume bottles … I think you get the gist! Just think about ad campaigns for ‘big brands’. They use props and fun creative backgrounds as well yes? So why shouldn’t you?

Using a magazine as the background
Using my jumper as a background ^_^


Another thing that could greatly improve your pictures is being creative with the angles you take your pictures from! Although this might mean you standing, sitting or bending in the weirdest positions (Who can relate to this!?), in the end it will be worth it! In the picture collage below, I’ve taken a picture of the same lipstick from 4 different angles.

Top Left: Held up in the air against a white wall

Top Right: Lipstick placed on a magazine and picture shot up close and from the same level as the object.

Bottom Right: Bird’s-eye view – i.e. looking directly from the top.

Bottom Left: Same level as the object placed on a magazine – knelt down beside my bed to take the picture.

Same lipstick from different picture angles

A little filter here, a little filter there!

… It doesn’t hurt anyone. Like I said before, even big corporations edit their pictures so there’s nothing wrong with using a little filter here and there. The only time I strongly, I mean strongly disagree with altering pictures and using filters is when creating product reviews as you DO NOT want to present the item in a false manner. However, I have used filters lightly on the lipstick below just to brighten up the image but not to change the colour of the lipstick in anyway.

Likewise with the glitter bottle. Black and white images are black and white images and are very obvious changes to an image. Everyone will know it’s altered to black and white and hence don’t expect it to look black and white in real life.

Top pictures: Without filter | Bottom Pictures : With filter (Exposure and Noise reduction)
Left : Filtered to Black and White || Right : Original Picture

To be honest,  the possibilities are endless. Sometimes it’s just about pushing yourself to the limit and making the most of the resources you have. Being a blogger is all about being creative. So think outside the box and think of the best way to use what you have to get the results you want.

Yes investing in a good camera should be on every bloggers wish list but in the meantime,  make the most of what you’ve got- No excuses!

Hope this helps!

Demi x

PS: I use an iPhone 6 in case you were wondering

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  • Tosin

    Beautiful post. quick question, please, What software do you use to edit tho?

    • Demi Akinfenwa

      PS Express mainly (Photoshop Express)… It’s a mobile app!

      I also use After Effects for writing text when needed ^_^
      Hope this helps!

  • Mide Adeoti

    This is very helpful Demi👍, thanks for sharing.

    • Demi Akinfenwa

      You’re welcome hun! 😘 Always glad to help!

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    Thanks demi.this spas very helpful,

    • Demi Akinfenwa

      You’re welcome hun! Glad you found it helpful ^_^

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    Very very helpful!!

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