About us:

A top leading blogger platform in Nigeria connecting Influencers and brands together.

We are connected to bloggers both in micro & macro level in various industry such as fashion, beauty & lifestyle.  Our mission is to help you build and manage a healthy relationship with influencers that matches your brand, meet your requirements tailored down to your desired location, brand style, social platforms and target audience.

Our aim is to help businesses (Especially SME’s) to manage promotional social campaigns & their relationship with Influencers/Content creators [Bloggers, Vloggers, YouTubers, Social Media Influencer…] while you focus on running your business.

Businesses: Once you tell us what exactly you want from the campaign [Collaboration], We do the rest of the work for you:

  • Publish your request form on our platform with your criteria’s
  • We sort out the entries to find the perfect match for your campaign
  • We identify the best influencers for your brand
  • We negotiate on your behalf and finalise the campaign deal
  • You send the products/service deal to the influencer
  • We follow up with the influencer, track the campaign and report back to you with full statistics

Influencers: Once you find a campaign or brand you are interested to work with, enter for the campaign and send the requested criteria’s along with your “Rate card” [If requested]

  • Campaigns/collaborations will be based on specific criteria’s and need of the brand [Only enter a campaign if you meet the requirement]
  • Professionalism is required at all time
  • EXACT campaigns requirements need to be met 
  • All posting deadlines need to be met
  • High-quality images/videos or content is a MUST
  • The more organic your campaign can be, the better
  • Fast communication is required at all time – Please reply emails ASAP.
  • ** If campaign requirements aren’t met, TBP Consultancy own the full right to withdraw at any-time, after discussing it of course – Please, follow instructions, it makes the job easy for everyone**
  • *** We have both gifting & paid sponsorship offers – All paid sponsorships will be made in two parts [Part payment at the start of campaign & balance at the end of the month]

Our area of Expertise: We are specialised in working with fashion, beauty & lifestyle brands.

Contact Details:

  • tbpconsultancy@gmail.com
  • thebloggerpoint@gmail.com
  •  Instagram: @tbpconsultancy
  • Instagram: @thebloggerpoint

Example: Sample of campaign window [Click post for full campaign details]


  • Do I need a minimum of followers to work with you on gifting or paid campaigns? – No, as all campaigns come with a specific requirement. However, we encourage bloggers to grow their audience and have at least genuine 3,000 followers for better chances to work with brands.
  • Do I need a certain amount of followers to work with you on paid campaigns? – Not compulsory as our team focus more on engagement rate. However, it is advised to also build genuine followership [Engagement rate will be verified by our team].
  • Do I need to be in Lagos or Abuja to work with you? – No, we are available to work with bloggers both nationally and internationally depending on the brand’s request and need.
  • Do I need to sign a contract to work with you? – No, however, every campaign will come with specific criteria that need to be agreed with before proceeding with the campaign.
  • How do I know about the latest opportunity? – Sign up for our ‘Weekly Newsletter’ [Every Monday] to stay updated with campaign opportunities and be the first to know about any update [CLICK HERE].
  • I don’t blog about fashion or beauty, can I still work with you? – Yes, we work with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands
  • How do I get paid if I am working on the *Paid campaign? TBP Consultancy will pay you 50% when you receive the product/service and 50% will be paid on the last day of the month.
  • Does the brand need to approve my content’s before posting? – It all depends on the brand’s requirement regarding the specific campaign
  • Can I contact the brand directly to ask questions? – TBP Consultancy reserve all the rights to contact brands. On no occasion should you be contacting the brand directly. So, please direct any question directly to the campaign manager who contacted you or to the HQ mail: tbpconsultancy@gmail.com
  • How many campaigns can I enter for? – As long as you meet the required criteria, you can enter as many campaigns as possible

*Service fee applies!