(Ressources) TBP Initiative:

“With my strong passion for “Girl-Child Education”, I needed a way to support this cause in Nigeria even while I am not based there as a blogger. I believe I can do something, you can do something and together, we can all do something even bigger”. [ – Maryam Salam, Founder of The Blogger Point]

Apart from raising awareness via my different social platform, I have decided to dedicate the old “TBP Shop” to support “Girl-Child Education” in Nigeria – Now, “TBP Initiative/Ressources“.


All digital products/services sold via “The Blogger Point” will go towards “Girl-Child Education” in Nigeria [20%] in collaboration with a genuine non-governmental organisation that can implement the idea.

How can I support/get involved:

Occasionally, we will organise a ‘meet-up’ to visit several schools and girls across Nigeria that needs help. However, if you are far away just like me, you can get involved via:

  1. Raise Awareness on your platform [Blog or YouTube channel – Tag us or Send it to @tbpinitiative on Instagram]
  2. Donation
  3. Purchase of any TBP product/service

“Ready-to-use” Media Kit Templates [More Designs Below]

Hold on, let’s look at the N5,000 price for these templates. Just before you proceed to payment, let put the price into perspective!

Ask yourself, is this template and your blogging worth an investment of N5,000?

Oh, maybe you are thinking of creating your media kit from scratch. Think about the time you will spend to brainstorm on the design and use to create your media kit… 2, 3, 4 – a couple of hours of course. You might not even know what to include but you know that you surely need a media kit when you want to work with brands. Not only you are telling the brand you are ready for business but it is also important for your branding.

So, now think of how you can invest those hours in your blogging and completely reducing those hours to minutes with this ready-to-use templates.

So, let’s go back to the question: Is this template and your blogging worth an investment of N5,000? Well, I am sure you already have the answer.

Ready-to-use editable Canva Media Kit for your blog. Save yourself some time and make collaboration easy with brands.

Colours and Text are EDITABLE to make it your own!

  • 1 Editable Canva Template File
  • Name, Images, Title and colours are editable
  • Free step by step guide to using [If requested – Optional]
  • *If you don’t have Canva or can’t edit it, don’t worry, you can send in all your information to our team & we can sort it for you (N1,000 extra)