TBP Exclusive: 46 questions with JennyChisom [Blogging Profession, Inspiration, Favorites and more]

Today on TBP Exclusive we are with JennyChisom of JennyChisomblog an award-winning blogger and an inspiration to a lot of bloggers out there. JennyChisom is letting us into her world of blogging and male Empowerment advocacy and we are getting to know the Jenny behind the JennyChisomblog.

We asked her 46 questions and here are her answers:

46 questions with JennyChisom

1. Full Name

Helen-Jennifer Chisom Opara popularly known as Jenny Chisom 

2. Married, Engaged or Single and searching?
3. Professional career?
Blogger entrepreneur, PR, Content Creator/publisher,  Men Coach
 4. Lagos or Abuja?
5. Best day in your career?
Many. Recently would be Winning the Best Blogger Award 2017 by Nigeria Indigenous Awards Abuja
6. Canon or Nikon?
 7. Favorite song of 2017?
LIKE YOU by Tatiana Manaois
8. Suya or Sharwama?
9. One influencer/creative you want to collaborate with in Nigeria?
Linda Ikeji.
 10. Fried rice or Jollof rice?
Fried Rice.
11. Describe your type in 5 words?
Creative, Idea spinner, Adventurous, Uber Passionate and Friendly.
12. One thing you cannot leave home without?
My phone.
13. Last show you attended?
3rd Annual Lecture of Mike Omotosho Foundation on Jan 14
 If you mean like an entertainment show, then it should be Bloggers Gala and Awards in December 2017.
 14. Best pickup line you have heard or used?
15. Greatest fear?
Not daring and challenging myself to use my gifting and skills to impact the world
16. What are you best at doing?
Creative business thinking,  maybe
17. Any nicknames?
Chichi,  but only used by family members
or family friends.
18. If you could be anything what will you be?
A philanthropist with global impact
19. Favorite song of all time?
So many of them. Can’t tell
20. If you were in a music group, what would the group name be?
The League
 21. Which Nigerian influencer/creative(s) will be in this group?
Timi Dakolo
22. What’s your favourite fashion item?
Shoes and more shoes
23. If you can steal one Nigerian celebrity closet, who will it be?
Omotola Ekeinde
24. If you could be a superhero who will you be?
25. What is that one habit you think you can’t break?
26. What’s one phrase you use every-time?
You know?
27. Describe your style in one word?
 28. What’s one thing about you people would be surprised to know?
I was very timid
 29. How do you define Beauty?
Happy and peaceful mood
30. What is the one skill you wish you had but don’t?
Speaking multiple languages
Not anymore. I’ve gotten over BankyW and given up on Tyler Perry. Lol
 32. What is love to you?
Honest communication and Commitment with lots of caring surprises
33. If you could eat one thing forever what will it be?
Possibly Yam
34. What was the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for you?
 On a first date, took me swimming (which I really love),   then off for a Chinese cuisine meal and then to see a movie in a cinema, all in a whopping 8-hour space. 
34. Have you ever fallen in love?
36. Happiest day of your life?
Many and looking forward to even more
37. How do you deal with haters?
I ignore them if I identify any
38. One thing you would like to be remembered for?
That I gave
39. The biggest brand you want to collaborate with?
40. What’s the best advice your parents ever gave you?
Pray always
41. Did you always see yourself doing what you do now?
42. What made you go into your profession?
Love for creativity and flexible spontaneous work lifestyle. I love to communicate and publicize good news so had to decide to express myself and my skills for others without limitations.
 For advocating for Men Empowerment, I was tired of seeing homes and relationships collapsing with no one standing up to help men and boys get a grasp.
 43. What is your favourite movie of all time?
Hard to choose. There are lots of Nigerian movies I love but I can hardly forget ‘Keeping Faith’.  I’ve watched ‘Lagos Cougars’  and Hollywood’s ‘Pretty woman’ a little too much amongst others.
44. How many languages do you speak?
Two – English and Igbo, shikina (finish,  in Hausa)
45. What inspires you?
People and their needs
46. Can you describe yourself in one word?
          Our exclusive with JennyChisom was fun. We enjoyed hearing the answers she had to our 46 questions.
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