TBP Exclusive: 46 questions with Angel Obasi [Relationship, Love, Goals, Blogging & More]

Hello, lovely readers, I am Dee Awata and we at TBP have launched a new series titled “46 Questions with ….“. In this series, we will be asking your favourite creatives 46 questions about themselves and their brands. Today, we have the talented Angel Obasi and she answered the following questions about herself read below:

46 Questions With Angel Obasi:

1. Full Name
Angel Jennifer Obasi
2. Married, Engaged or Single and searching?
I am in a relationship
3. Lagos or Abuja?
4. Your favourite thing about what you do?
I get to be creative and showcase much artistic side.
5. Best day in your career?
I think my best day is yet to come.
6. Canon or Nikon?
7. iPhone or Samsung?
Samsung. Always been a Samsung girl.
8. Suya or Sharwama?
Suya 😂
9. One influencer/creative you want to collaborate with in Nigeria?
Hmmm. Everyone, I love working with different minds with an edge so if you have it, I would love to work with you.
10. Fried rice or Jollof rice?
11. Describe your type in 5 words?
Hardworking, smart, determined, passionate and funny
12. One thing you cannot leave home without?
My phone and my purse because in Lagos, you will never know when you need to spend or who you will need to call.
13. What music want to make you dance?
Beyoncé – Check up on it
14. Best pickup line you have heard?
Lol. I really don’t get “pick up lines” or maybe I don’t pay close attention.
15. Lagos or Abuja?
Lagos still
16. What are you best at doing?
Creating outfits from anything or basically anything I really love, I do them really well. From cooking to manicure and organising. If I love it, I would do an excellent job at it.
17. What is the one thing you are worst at doing?
Language. I just don’t feel like it is my forte. Unfortunately but I will keep trying. 😆
18. If you could be anything what will you be?
Travel the world for two years straight.
19. What’s one quote you live by?
Never reduce your performance to suit your audience because you never know who is in your audience – TD Jakes.
I have always felt this way even before I heard him say it.

20. If you were in a music group, what would the group name be?

KIck off from where Destiny’s Child left. So probably Destiny’s Child

21. Which Nigerian influencer/creative(s) will be in this group?
Lol. Haha. I don’t know. I will have to think long and hard.
22. What’s your favourite fashion item?
I love a lot of statement pieces. So I would say my jewellery does it for me
23. If you can steal one Nigerian celebrity closet, who will it be?
Errm. Probably Style temple’s I think she is really stylish and I can connect with her style.
24. Can you say something in another language?
Yes sure. I just can’t speak fluently. Sadly.
25. What is that one habit you think you can’t break?
26. What’s one phrase you use every-time?
“Do you get what I mean?” I always want to be sure you follow when I am having a conversation.
27. Can you say something in another language?
28. What’s one thing about you people would be surprised to know?
Hmmm. Style Connaisseur is an alter ego.
29. How do you define Beauty?
Beauty is a lot more internal than it is external. I am more attached to a person’s soul before their outward appearance. A beautiful person to me is a person who I know for certain is a better person than I am. A person who gives regardless of what they get in return. I know a couple of beautiful people and for that, I am so blessed. These people are my closest friends and companion.
30. What is the one skill you wish you had but don’t?
Speaking fluently in several languages. I think it’s one of the coolest skills. Yes! It is a skill.
31. Do you have a celebrity crush?
No, I don’t. There was Mahershala Ali at one time but I am over it.😁
32. What is love to you?
That’s simple, loving someone unconditionally irrespective of their good days or bad days. Willing to help them through their tough times and appreciate them for their best effort. Love is kind, patient, reliable,  dependable, strong, beautiful, painful but yet exhilarating. Love is all things beautiful and a lot more, love it knowing how incredibly tired you are after a long day but you still call back just because you made a promise. Lol. But above all God is love.
33. If you could eat one thing forever what will it be?
Chicken or turkey they are necessary rewards before or after a meal. 😂
34. Have you ever fallen in love?
Yes, I have.
 35. Most Romantic experience of your life
36. Happiest day of your life?
I believe my best days are ahead
37. How do you deal with haters?
Haters? What’s that?
38. One thing you would like to be remembered for?
Just for my impact in the fashion world. How I tried to change the game of self-expression through fashion and succeeded.
39. What’s one thing about you people would be surprised to know?
I am super goofy and disciplined at the same time
40. What’s the best advice your parents ever gave you?
“No one is better than you. You are all equally as good so get to work and work very hard because no one will give you anything for free”

41. What one book that made a lasting impression on you?
The World’s Greatest Salesman – Joe Girard
42. What super power do you wish you had?
To see the future and probably know what decision to make at a given time.
43. What is your favourite movie of all time?
Great Debaters
44. What inspires you?
Hmmm. My desire to achieve so much in a very short time. To make something of myself before someone calls me ‘ mom’.
45. The biggest brand you want to collaborate with?
Omg, I have several on my vision board. Emirates Airlines, Samsung, 9mobile, Mac Cosmetics, Architectural Digest, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Balmain, Zuhair Murad, Dior, Givenchy, Hermés, Tom Ford, Christian Louboutin, Chopard, Cartier to name a few.
46. Can you describe your style in one word?
We absolutely enjoyed asking this beautiful creative the questions above and we enjoyed hearing her answers. We hope you did also, more on this series coming your way next week. Have a lovely weekend.
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