TBP E-Magazine: April Edition Featuring Sisi Yemmie

This Month’s TBP Magazine is PACKED with information and Juice like no other. Featuring Top Nigerian Blogger Sisi Yemmie on the cover of this month’s edition and an exclusive interview as well, the magazine also includes a new section “Instagram Loves…”, Post ideas for this month and some tips from the team to YOU! i.e What our clients look for

On the cover

In an exclusive interview with our PR team,  top Nigerian Blogger Sisi Yemmie speaks to us on what it’s like to be a Lifestyle blogger in Nigeria. Sharing how she balances her blog life and personal life, the pressures that come with being a mother and a blogger in the public eye, tips for new bloggers, only to mention a few – This interview is definitely not one you want to miss!

There can be pressure definitely it is inevitable in this career that I have chosen. There is the pressure to “blow”, pressure to get pregnant and be all these things society wants you to be…. I will tell myself to keep calm because everything good will come… a lot of people don’t really know what their brand is about till they actually start. You make it up as you go along…” – Sisi Yemmie

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