Danie’s Corner: How to Add a ‘Shop this Post’ Widget to Your Blog & Make Money From It.

This post will be a guide to show you how easy it is to add a ‘Shop this Post’ widget to your blog/blog posts. You may have probably seen this on some blogs and websites, it’s a carousel of products that the blogger is wearing, writing about, or recommending to his/her readers giving them the … Read more

3 Creative Ways To Collaborate With Brands As A Food Blogger

Food bloggers get in here! Don’t think we forgot you. What would the world be like without food bloggers putting themselves out as guinea pigs to try out various recipes on our behalf or creating bomb tutorials on how to make that favourite dish of yours?! Well believe it or not, brands also need bloggers … Read more

TBP E-Magazine March Edition – It’s our Anniversary!

This month, we celebrate our 1st year anniversary in a special way! Firstly, we take a quick snapshot at our previous events in anticipation of the new year! Then we quickly turn our attention to one of our new focus points and that’s how to build the business side of your blog. We’ll be hosting a series of Forum discussions along this line and also featuring a series of helpful posts written by our team especially for you! Check out our top picks on page 2!

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18 Ways To Build Loyal Blog Readers And Make Them Come Back…

If you want to build your blog readership, turn  passive visitor’s into active blog readers  and also keep those readers coming back, here are 18 ways on how you can achieve that 1. Have a posting schedule – Having a posting schedule enables you to post frequently and consistently helps you plan and schedule your content ahead … Read more

Danie’s Corner – You Won’t Believe Every Blogger Likes These 6 Things….

I never dreamt of becoming a blogger so none of these things used to trip me but suddenly, I realise they do. And as bloggers, we are alike in that aspect which is why I just created this list to share with you guys, they might be mundane to anyone else but not to a … Read more

Guest Post: 12 Practical Blogger Collaboration Ideas

So you have found another blogger or bloggers in your niche and would like to approach them to collaborate on something, Yay! But there’s just one problem, what on earth are we going to collaborate on? Hope this list gives you some inspiration and direction Guest posts – Probably the most common kind of collaboration … Read more


Every blog starts with an interface, i.e. a blog theme or layout and you will agree with me that it is very important to get your blog layout and theme right. Why? Because this is the first thing people notice when they visit your blog. The colours you use, the way it’s laid out are … Read more