Danie’s Corner – How Top Bloggers Make Their Money And What You Can Learn From Them

May 9, 2017 DANIE 2

Out of a need to explore how I could personally monetize my blog and content and also take my blogging to another level, I have […]

FUBU: Sales, Meet & Greet Event

April 29, 2017 Thebloggerpoint 1

  The “Creative  Entrepreneur” event is the brainchild of Maryanne Alabi and Desola Mako, both of whom are creatives, and are actively involved in the […]

3 Ways To Help Your Blogging Career Thrive In 2017

January 23, 2017 Thebloggerpoint 7

3 Ways To Help Your Blogging Career Thrive In 2017 Personality: We need to hear your voice while reading your post. Let your personality shine […]

4 Ways To Get More Brand Collaborations In 2017

January 18, 2017 Thebloggerpoint 9

It’s a new year and this is surely the time to draw a new strategy for your blog. Apart from engagement, getting more traffic, collaborations […]

TBP E-Magazine January 2017 Edition – Hello 2017!

January 1, 2017 Thebloggerpoint 0

This month’s Edition features the ever gorgeous as well as our founder, Maryam Salam. In a short and brief interview, Maryam shares with us her […]

Danie’s Corner – Steps to Becoming A More Confident Blogger

December 27, 2016 DANIE 0

People are unlikely to take advice from a non-confident person. If you are sharing information without confidence, nobody is going to believe it. Always remember […]

Guest Post: Your Smart Guide To Thrift Shopping

November 20, 2016 Thebloggerpoint 4

Thrift shopping is the best way to be fashionable on a budget. As cheap as thrift shopping sounds it has its way around it. Below […]

Danie’s Corner – You Won’t Believe Every Blogger Likes These 6 Things….

October 25, 2016 DANIE 4

I never dreamt of becoming a blogger so none of these things used to trip me but suddenly, I realise they do. And as bloggers, […]

Guest Post: 12 Practical Blogger Collaboration Ideas

October 4, 2016 Thebloggerpoint 4

So you have found another blogger or bloggers in your niche and would like to approach them to collaborate on something, Yay! But there’s just […]

HTT Recap! – How to be Consistent

October 3, 2016 Thebloggerpoint 0

Consistency! If there’s one thing any successful person in this world has it’s consistency. Whether it’s a brand, an organisation or a blogger. We all […]


September 26, 2016 Thebloggerpoint 0

Every blog starts with an interface, i.e. a blog theme or layout and you will agree with me that it is very important to get […]