Danie’s Corner: How to Add a ‘Shop this Post’ Widget to Your Blog & Make Money From It.

This post will be a guide to show you how easy it is to add a ‘Shop this Post’ widget to your blog/blog posts. You may have probably seen this on some blogs and websites, it’s a carousel of products that the blogger is wearing, writing about, or recommending to his/her readers giving them the … Read more

Danie’s Corner – How to Have Nice Blog Photos Without a Professional Camera…..

How to Have Nice Blog Photos Without a Professional Camera…..

You know by now that pictures and graphics boost the overall look and feel of your blog and blog posts. And for most if not all niches of blogging, you need pictures to show your readers exactly what you are talking about, how it looks like and so on. Some niches more than others but you at least need a title photo. Many people who have the idea of starting a blog or becoming a social media influencer keep pushing or postponing things all because they do not have a professional camera. Now a professional camera is good and can take the presentation of your blog to another level but to be honest, they don’t come cheap and most if not all bloggers start blogging as a side hustle or a hobby. So before you can save up and get yourself a DSLR or something more glamorous, here are ways you can still have nice looking photos by making the most of what you have.

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Guest Post: 5 Tips To Making Your Blog Design More Visually Appealing

 5 Tips To Making Your Blog Design More Visually Appealing

A visually Appealing blog should be the desire of any blogger who wants to draw attention and keep their audience intrigued to their blog and blog design. The truth is that not everyone that visits your blog would take their time to read through your post especially if it, not a topic they find interesting or your blog centres on areas that do not catch their fancy. In such a situation like this, how do you ensure uninterested people also become your audience?  The Secret is all in the Visual appeal of your Blog. A visually appealing blog has the ability to keep its reader for a longer while. The truth is that everybody loves eye candy and that’s why Instagram is having more and more users. Here are five tips to help you transform your blog into a more visually appealing one.

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