Trending: One Word For Toke Makinwa Bag “Ugly AF” Says Lifestyle Blogger Dee_Mako ! #TMminibag

One Word For Toke Makinwa Bag: “Ugly AF” Says Lifestyle Blogger @dee_Mako

It’s no news that radio celebrity Toke Makinwa – baby gal for life, Vlogger, the On-air presenter has launched a new bag collection ‘TM Tote‘ as amongst her other collectables. As usual, there’s been a hype about the bag release, but lifestyle blogger Dee_mako doesn’t think it’s worth so much hype after-all as she described the bag as “Ugly AF“.

Although, she did mention following the public comments that she didn’t intend to make fun or rubbish the product. But, she thinks the bag in question isn’t “aesthetically pleasing“. Following up the conversation. It seems many other people agreed with her and consider this as “Constructive criticism while others think it’s a bit harsh considering all the effort Toke Makinwa must have invested in the production of this bag. Now, on to you guys, what do you think? Is she being too harsh? Or you totally agree her opinion?

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  1. I actually agree with desola mako, d bag z ugly, for sumone with such high taste one wud v expected better, maybe a different colour nd fabric wud v made much difference, but what do I know 🙂

    • I agree to your opinion. But I wasn’t gonna say anything because I don’t own one of them (I was hoping the material will be better on feel). Honestly,they don’t look fine. I hope Toke sees it as a honest criticism than a harsh comment. And for a bag that looks like that, I personally think the price 30,000 is too much. #my opinion

    • Thank you. I actually thing 30k is a fair price. Considering it’s called Luxury and an average made in Nigeria bagis around the same price.

  2. Too harsh I will say, maybe envious is wat kill mentality…… Creativity shouldn’t be criticize ,my opinion is d bag is worth it,peculiar ,durable,long lasting ….credit to the texture ……credit to d idea ,tm design on d bag….no idea is wasted … urs and let us to see ur own side of creativity ,embrace it or drink water and mind ur business

    • If I envy Toke Makinwas. Then that’s a good place to start considering how much success she’s made for herself. But Envy isn’t really my thing. Speaking my mind and not kissing ass is what I’m known for. Everyone knows my own side on creativity. It’s in the products have designed and in the pictures you WCW posts that are inspired by my works.

  3. I wouldn’t describe the bag’s look as ugly though.Beauty they say is a beholder’s thing.I rather am curious about the creative mind behind it as I can see a gold ‘TM'(i suppose its initials of Toke Makinwa) which is essentially the point of this whole thing; HER BRAND!
    btw; we have seen other prominent brands look .., well,..less appealing, you get?

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