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I’m so glad you decided to stop by TBP today! So first of all let me APOLOGIZE for not keeping up with the HTT recap posts – Sorry! However, if you’ve been following The Blogger Point’s activities over the past few weeks, you’ll understand a little bit about why I’ve been AWOL with these posts but I’m back!

So let’s kick off this post shall we?

Last week we discussed


I know. It sounds a bit odd because bloggers are not commodities but when we talk about branding yourself as a blogger or branding your blog, we’re referring to branding in terms of how do you want people to perceive you? How do you want to be remembered? What’s your unique or signature trait?

Whenever we hear the term branding we usually think of things likes creating a logo, creating a header and so on – All that fancy stuff; but while those are some of the ways to brand a blog or  yourself there are some much more simpler ways to go about it. Simple things like the colour scheme of your Instagram page. The way you take your selfies. Your signature pose. The way you post inspirational posts on your blog. Your signature hairstyle. The way you caption your pictures on social media and so on. These are some of the simple ways you can brand yourself. It’s all about you as a person and what you want people to know you by.

However, it is very important to get it right though as whatever way you choose to brand/present yourself is the first impression people and brands have of you as a blogger. Which leads on to the next point – It is best to brand yourself using an element or aspect that comes naturally to you. Trying to copy someone else or force yourself to be a certain way often times ends up going wrong. So stay true to you!

More specifically to branding a blog here are 3 easy things you can do:

Choose a certain colour that you want your blog to be associated with.

Think of a specific phrase you can use to end your blog posts.

Choose a specific font that you use in your content (Think of Disney).

So I hope this helped and I was able to explain what this branding of a thing really means! That said, don’t forget to join us for Hot Topic Thursday every week from 7pm to discuss those things that matter to you!

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