3 Creative Ways To Collaborate With Brands As A Food Blogger

Food bloggers get in here! Don’t think we forgot you. What would the world be like without food bloggers putting themselves out as guinea pigs to try out various recipes on our behalf or creating bomb tutorials on how to make that favourite dish of yours?!

Well believe it or not, brands also need bloggers within this niche as much as the general public; but for some reason, a lot of bloggers within this niche find it difficult to think of ways to collaborate with brands. So in the same light as our “3 ways to collaborate with brands as a fashion blogger” post, here’s one for all the food bloggers out there!

Image by Rhoda of Adohrspeaks.com

Restaurant review

A bit obvious but I’m sure you didn’t think of it! There are so many restaurants, cafes and bars popping up here and there. Guess what? They all want their name to get out to the public and what better way to go about that than through a food blogger? Bloggers within this niche already have an established audience that trusts their tastes buds! So visiting a new joint and giving your honest opinion on their cuisine is definitely something EVERYONE will love!

Collaborate with the chef!

Ambitious right? But if your audience is large enough and you know people respond to posts about your recipes, I bet you creating a special Easter menu or Christmas menu alongside a chef, a special doughnut flavour in collaboration with your favourite bakery or even something as simple as a signature drink with the bartender! The idea is all about driving sales and creating awareness about the brand. So if you know your audience has been dying to try out your food, but you can’t afford to open up your own joint just yet, why not collaborate with a brand and create a special delight!

Image by Rhoda of Adohrspeaks.com

Create a Vlog/Blog series

Similar to reviewing a joint but with a twist. For this idea, you may decide to collaborate with several brands and go on a mini taste-bud tour, e.g. Create a series of posts featuring your “Top 5 dessert cafes in Lagos City”; ‘3 perfect spots to take your Mrs (or Mr lol) on a romantic date”. Contact several brands with your proposal, visit them all, taste their food, take pictures of the area and feature your review as a series of posts!

So you see, there are soooo many ways to work with brands as a blogger with great ‘Taste’ – #Punintended. Hope this helps!

Demi x


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  1. Aisha Umar
    May 23, 2017 / 2:28 pm

    This was definitely needed. Can’t wait to put this into use this summef💃🏾💃🏾

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