How to manage blogging as a student

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Today’s article is a quite interesting yet a challenging one. I’m most particular about student bloggers today because for a lot of student bloggers, it can be very challenging to combine both school and blogging so I’m just going to share some tips on how to combine both basically.
Know that you’re ready:
For a lot of student bloggers, a main reason why they quit blogging after sometime is because they weren’t basically prepared. Blogging takes a lot of time and you can only be good at it, if you’re ready to sacrifice sometime for it. So firstly, you have to know that you’re ready to handle it.
Have a planner or a goal book:
There just has to be one book that you have to set aside for mainly blogging activities if you don’t have a blog planner. What the book does is to make sure you’re organised and know what you’ve achieved and what you’re slacking on. In your book, you’ll write down your blog goals and the duration you’ll need to achieve those goals.
Set out the days for mainly blog work:
If you’re really planning to take blogging seriously, you have to set out maybe a day or two for your work. For example, if you have to write for your blog and a few other blogs you write for, since in your blog planner, you’ve written down the topics of articles you want to write already, then it’s easier for you that way to be more ready. All you have to do is to set out a day to write those articles. It could be on a Saturday, you may decide to write them. On that Saturday, you’ll write as many articles as you can. You may be probably wondering why I’m saying as many articles as possible. This is very helpful in times of exams when you may not have time to write articles again then you can just pick up previously written articles and use.
And with those three points, you’ll be sure to always be prepared as a student blogger.
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Remain blessed.

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  • Aminat Sanni-kamal

    Thanks @Moyin these tips are very helpful.

    • Moyin Fayemi

      Thank you Aminat


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