TBP E-Magazine January 2017 Edition – Hello 2017!

This month’s Edition features the ever gorgeous as well as our founder, Maryam Salam. In a short and brief interview, Maryam shares with us her vision for TBP in the coming year as well as top highlights to look forward to.

The magazine also includes a copy of this month’s TBP Activity schedule, Top blogging topics from the Hot Topic Forum, Job vacancies and loads more!

Interview excerpt : “As the bloggers that we are, we at TBP have set out our 2017 goals and we’re sure you have to. While 2016 was a fantastic year for us, 2017 is set to be an even more fun and exciting year for all TBP Bloggers. However, we’re not letting the cat out of the bag just yet but we have got a few words from our founder Maryam Salam. In a short and brief interview with our creative team, we get an insight into the reason behind why The Blogger Point agency exists and a little into on the main focus for the agency this year.”

Read the full interview and all the other juicy info in our free E-Magazine (See images below!)


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