Understanding How We Do Nigerian Bloggers Outreach For Better Collaboration….


Understanding How We Do Nigerian Bloggers Outreach For Better Collaboration

We get several emails from bloggers asking us how they can get more opportunities and collaboration on our website. Same as how we get emails from brands asking us if they can have direct access to our blogger’s list to pick the bloggers themselves. Most of the time we will reply directly to blogger and give a straight no to brands owners.

A lot of “Bloggers outlets” deliver automatic search or publish an offer as a “Giveaway” without a thorough check of how compatible the blogger is with the brand, No, we don’t do that. Sorry, but we aren’t sorry.

Our aim isn’t to just get any bloggers ready to do our job simply because we get our cut. Our aim is to assure the blogger fits with the brand perfectly to be able to represent the brand correctly. And as a blogger, our aim is to connect you with brands that fit into your niche and area.

How we do blogger outreach for brand/business campaign…

We manually shortlist bloggers on our system.yes, manually. You can imagine going over more than 800 lists of bloggers everytime we have a new opportunity. Our campaign team which includes the social media manager, graphics lead, and campaign manager sit together to set up suitable bloggers profile for your brand. Are you thinking: Why not let bloggers just pick and contact bloggers directly? Well, it sounds easier and straightforward but it is actually not profitable for the brand/business and blogger.

Not profitable for bloggers, Not profitable for the brands and eventually not profitable for the industry…

There is already so much frustration of hardworking and consistent bloggers who are competing with some blogger who “work for free“. Allowing that is just another medium to support “Free work” and bad campaign value. For some brands, bloggers working for free sounds good right? Well, as a brand it is advisable to stay away from bloggers who accept to work for absolute Nothing than mutual exposure. There are several ways to pay bloggers such as: Invitation to all catered-for event, payment by-product, Internet fee, pay per post, pay by offering valuable services etc.

A blogger that would work for absolutely nothing doesn’t have great value to offer you. Any blogger that will deliver a great result for your brand in return will NEVER work for free because delivering excellent result requires time and hard work.


But, why do blogger care so much about money, shouldn’t be a passion?

Well, we understand some blogger have made 0 investment but expect brands to pay them thousands but a good and professional blogger will back up any of are charge with real statistics and prove. The point isn’t to throw the money at all bloggers but to have a professional agreement which will eventually result in a great and impactful collaboration. The passion a blogger shows in their work is what will result in sales, social growth or engagement for your brand. Professional bloggers invest in giving you great content by making sure they have a great equipment such as a camera which will be used to support the creative content they provide. Blogging is a modern marketing channel which requires payment like every other traditional marketing channels.

I am a blogger, I haven’t been selected for an opportunity…

At The Blogger Point, our team carefully shortlist suitable bloggers for a particular campaign which is sent to the brand. The brands are given few days to make the final decision on who they think suit their brand best and want to work with. This isn’t a matter of preference because it is logically impossible for us to know all blogger and would be unprofessional of us to select bloggers based on preference. This is why we encourage our bloggers to stay consistent and strive to get better in order to build great profile we can propose to our clients.

We hope this gives everyone a better understanding of how we work and hopefully, this will encourage blogger to put in more work to grow their personal brands better and higher.

Written by: Maryam (Blog: www.fashionbydaisy.com)

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