Fashion: Meet 14 Nigerian Fashion Brands With Incredible Creativity [Part 1]

Lately, I’ve been updating my fashion inspiration board with NEW fashion brands. As always, my fashion board is mainly dominated by Nigerian fashion brands. I love discovering Nigerian brands especially the ones that are unique, consistent with their style and have a bit of minimalist twist to their brand.

In no particular order, I have listed below Nigerian fashion brands I am loving at the moment. I think on average, I have been following majority of these brands for over 2 months now and I don’t regret. This isn’t in any way a sponsored post. On the other hand, because I love what they do, this is my own little way to support these brands and boost their exposure. [I really missed fashion posts], let’s get straight into it:

Meet 14 Nigerian Fashion Brands With Incredible Creativity

  • amnaclosetcom: I discovered them recently from their launch party/campaign and I must say their pieces look great and seem they are of great quality. Two things I look forward to in brands will be style and quality. Once you have that, you can gladly take my coins.

  • adeysoile: I am not the best at shopping for colourful pieces but I love how this brand play around with bold colours and how they interpret their style.

  • debragrace: I couldn’t believe the prices on this brand page when I discovered them. WTH?! Apart from their attractive prices, they also have trending piece and constantly updating their page.

  • imadeduso_: Talking about standing out? This brand pieces will make you stand out effortlessly. I love their expression of volume and shapes. So minimal yet classy.

  • zivalagos: So, I was just casually scrolling through IG explore when I stumbled upon a cute swing. Followed the page then found out this swing is in a fashion store called ZIVA. Checked out their pieces then I got hooked. I already spotted few pieces I will definitely be grabbing when I get to Nigeria [International shipping fee is a deal breaker].

  • onalaja: Talking about contemporary style, this brand comes with a whole NEW vibe very uncommon among Nigerian fashion brands. There is something unusual about them, can’t figure what it is but I love it.

  • iconicvanity: Again, another brand that knows how to work with colours and structure. Their pieces are like 3D printing. I love the patchy and stitchy style in most of their pieces.

There are more brands (14) I will be sharing which will definitely come in another post. Before you move on to another post, I would recommend you actually check out these brands. Deep inside, I think I am a “Nigerian brand” ambassador but my account balance and village people won’t let me represent like a true Nigerian that I am.

Do you know any of these brands? Have any brand on your list? Share some of them in the comment section below…


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