My Personalised EgoSketch Phone Case

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Apart from the fact that I love to switch up my phone case every now and then, I was quite interested in personalising my own case. I’m a big fan of unique pieces and every opportunity to add a personal touch to anything excite me.

Packaging & Delivery

The case came in a branded white bubbled envelope, nothing spectacular but personally I don’t really care much about packages, to be honest, I am more about the product. Many times I’ve seen products with great packaging but low-quality product, so don’t be deceived.

So, my delivery took 9 days from the day of order to delivery. Just to give you a quick brand history: Egosketch is a young creative company from The Netherlands specialised in customizable products from smartphones, tablets and laptops.

My Personalised EgoSketch Phone Case

I was impressed with how their website is easy to navigate and the price range of their products. Normally for a personalised item with GREAT QUALITY, you would expect ridiculous amount but no, their products are very affordable. Trust me, I’ve ordered a customised phone case off eBay before and print quality wasn’t excellent at all.

I choose thePersonalised iPhone 6/6s Tough case (fully printed, white)which was £19,95 which I personalised with not just one picture but several (Yas hun, I am EXTRA like that) and as you can see, the pictures are clear, not stretched or blurred and it’s just super cute. I love it.

So, If you want to treat yourself or someone to some cute little phone case, tablet case or laptop case, do check them out on or check them out on Instagram @egosketch.

I hope you find this post helpful!

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