Blogger Discovery: Meet Fashion Blogger And Stylist Derinbepo

Today, we are talking with the lovely Derinbepo. Ever met a Blogger that’s both a fashion blogger, Stylist and also a multimedia personality?  Well, we have she’s  Derinbepo.  We are so excited to introduce her today.  Derinbepo is telling us about her multi-talented self, blog and her secret for staying consistent on her blog.

Introducing Fashion Blogger and Stylist Derinbepo 

Hi thebloggerpoint,
My name is Derinbepo I am a fashion blogger, fashion stylist and a multimedia personality, I live in Lagos, Nigeria and I am currently studying media communications.
I started blogging a few months back and I must say it has been the best decision I have ever made.
I blog because it makes me happy and I finally get the chance to pour out all my feeling into something(fashion).
Fashion gives me freedom, it gives me the chance to make anything out of it, having a blog gives me the opportunity to share this freedom with every one of my readers/viewers.
Staying consistent can be hard and also easy. I stay consistent by planning ahead of time, taking multiple shots and making strategic plans, my blog planner helps me a lot in doing this (I advise every blogger to get one).

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