HTT Recap! – What problems do bloggers face in Nigeria?

You all keep surprising us here at TBP each week! I personally as the Forum Manager, I’m completely blown away by how many of you turn up to Hot Topic Thursday each week – You make my job so worth it! Anyways, back to the RECAP.

So last week we discussed…

What problems do bloggers face in Nigeria?

… and what I was looking for was for you to pour out your heart to the real issues you face as a blogger in Nigeria. I’m sure you have an idea of what the common point was – Internet and data cost. I know… It’s expensive and can sometimes be unreliable but what’s a blogger without the internet? We can’t avoid it – we breathe and live in cyber space but there are ways to help elevate the strain of your pocket that comes with purchasing a decent data plan.

  1. Try minimising how much wasteful time you spend connected to the net. Draft your posts in a word document before uploading it to your blog dashboard.
  2. Set a certain day or days within the week or a specific time or times within a day where you check up on blog comments and notifications. This will save you using up your data allowance to check up on notifications that may not even be there yet!
  3. Try monetizing your blog. Find a way to make money from blogging. That way the blog pays for itself – even if there’s no profit to it just yet, it’s better than running a blog off personal resources.

Speaking of monetizing your blog? How do you actually make money from blogging?

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