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HTT Recap! : How much Money should you charge as a Nigerian Blogger?

How much money should you charge as a Nigerian Blogger?

… a question no one has really taken the time to answer. However, thanks to the blogger point’s HTT Forum, we’ve got a few guidelines for you. During last week’s discussion which involved 11 bloggers from different niches, we discussed…


It was clear from the onset of the discussion that there are no guiding bodies that regulate what a blogger’s ‘minimum wage’ should be. Hence, it’s hard for any newbie to know what is considered as reasonable payment for any work done for an organisation. Whether it be a blog post, promotion on social media or a mixture of both. Of course, not every blogger will charge for every single collaboration they embark on as there may be other benefits included in the collaboration package. However, when you do decide that you need to be paid for your time, creativity and the traffic you send to a particular brand, where do you start from?

After 2 hours of deliberation, it boiled down to this simple fact. It really depends on how much you think your time is worth! However, while trying to ensure that you are adequately compensated for your time, it is important to understand that everyone has and needs a starting point. So we came up with these few guidelines:

  • For a blog post on a blog that gets 10,000 views per month, N2,500-N3,000 is the bare minimum you should consider. You can scale this up or down depending on your blog views.
  • For a social media post, such as a picture on Instagram, you can use this simple formula.
    (Number of Followers on the platform in question x N1.00) = Amount in Naira!

(or multiple by N1.50 if your followers are particularly active)

  • Also, endeavour not to accept any payment less than your monthly data subscription cost. If you think about it, this is actually what you’ll need to create the post in the first place

For some bloggers, you may also have to employ a photographer for the job or involve some other external party. So be sure to factor all these into your cost. However, always open up the floor for negotiation between the organisation in question and yourself. Doing so will help you come to a better agreement and usually yields better results.

Hope that was helpful!

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2 comments for “HTT Recap! : How much Money should you charge as a Nigerian Blogger?

  1. Hadiza French®
    October 18, 2016 at 4:02 pm

    Hey Demi,
    You’re very correct. But this post means if you’re blog cannot get up to 10K visitors a month, then you should even involved. Most new blogs dont get up to 10K visits a month

  2. Chidalu
    December 9, 2016 at 5:52 pm

    interesting. Thanks for the tips. I have always wondered what woyld be an appropriate charge for a post.


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