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HTT Recap! – How to be Consistent

Consistency! If there’s one thing any successful person in this world has it’s consistency. Whether it’s a brand, an organisation or a blogger. We all know the importance of consistency and constantly stress about it on the Hot Topic forum. However, how easy is it to stay consistent as a blogger? For some, it comes naturally, for others, not so much. So I decided it was about time we discussed

How to be Consistent

on TBP and that was what we did! From the onset, it was pretty clear that this was a topic of interest to everyone who turned up to the forum and the discussion was very brief and straight to the point. Everyone had a useful tip or two to give and at the end of the conversation, we came to a few conclusions.

To be consistent you need to plan ahead of time. Although once in a while, you might get a burst of creativity and the urge to publish a post on your blog in the heat of the moment, it should be the usual practice. It is advisable to prepare your posts ahead of time, plan them in well in advance before the proposed publishing date

If you are currently struggling with being consistent, then it might be time to re-evaluate your blogging schedule. While some people are able to publish multiple posts a day, or multiple posts a week, some people aren’t – and that’s okay. Some TV programs are on every day and we all have that series we look forward to once a week. So if you are struggling with being consistent, then you might want to reduce your publishing frequency, inform your readers about it and they’ll look forward to having your content up on that special day every week!

Following on from the previous point, avoid running out of content. You can do this by writing or creating as much content as you can, when you can, re-blogging posts from the past and there were loads more tips shared in the conversation (Read it here!)

So in a few words, those were the main tips shared by the amazing bloggers that turned up to the discussion last week and we all hope you learned a thing or two!


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