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Hi, everyone. Welcome back to The Blogger Point. This post is another recap of our weekly Hot Topic Thursday Forum discussion and last week we discussed…


“Write good content”. “Create good content.”. “Good content will boost your traffic.”. These are all phrases you will know too well as a blogger. Online resources tell you to create good content. Friends will advise you to do the same and even fellow bloggers. However, one thing people rarely advise you on is what good content looks like or how to create this ‘good content’. So we discussed it last week and if you were on the forum last week you’ll agree it was very informative. The main take home points from the discussion were :

  • Good content is content that is relatable. By this, I mean content that your readers can relate to. Content that is useful to your audience
  • Good content can also be defined as content that is readable. Using appropriate grammar, simple everyday words and good structure are very important when creating content for your blog. All these help make your post more enjoyable to read.
  • It is also important to remember not to write the way you speak, i.e. using words/phrases such as ‘like’ ‘you get me’ ‘you know’ and other slang words ever so often. Remember, anyone from around the globe may stumble across your blog. So you want to make sure everyone can read your posts and understand what you’re saying.
  • Content that is evergreen is definitely good content. By evergreen I mean content that will still be relevant in the next 2-5 years. This sort of content will continually draw traffic to your blog as people will always be looking for information on the subject of the post.

So those were the main points on how to identify and create good content. Then the question of how to know if your posts are good enough because good is subjective came up. Well, first and foremost if your posts are engaging – i.e. you get a decent amount of comments, then you know you’ve done something right. If you also have a relatively higher view count on specific posts compared to others on your blog, that is another indication that your post good!

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