Danie’s Corner – How Top Bloggers Make Their Money And What You Can Learn From Them

Written by: Danie

Out of a need to explore how I could personally monetize my blog and content and also take my blogging to another level, I have studied and still study a number of top, successful bloggers, their blogs, their other ventures and how they are able to earn sustainable incomes from what they do. In no particular order,

  1. Monetizing with PPC/CPM Ads – Pay per click ads (PPC) for example adsense, adthrive etc is when banner ads are displayed on your page and you are paid each time a reader clicks the ad or in CPM – you get paid fixed amount based on how many times people viewed your ad (impressions).
  2. Selling Private Ads – Some bloggers directly sell ad space on their blog to brands and businesses. The cost varies based on the ad size and how long the ad will be up for as well as the audience of the blogger. You can sell side bar ads, header ads of different sizes.
  3. Sponsored Posts – Businesses would pay a blogger to publish a post about them, their products or services. It could be in form of a review, just mentioning the product in your blog post or otherwise. Read 5 Reasons Nigerian Brands Won’t Want To Work With You!
  4. Social Media Mentions – Just like sponsored posts, brands pay bloggers who have a  large social media following to post about their products on their Instagram, Twitter or any other social and tag them in the post.
  5. Selling Digital Products – Another way many bloggers make money off their blogs is by selling digital products like e-books, blog designs, blog themes, templates, online courses/workshops basically finding something they are so good at and that people will be willing to pay for.
  6. Affiliate Marketing – Under virtually every post on the internet about making money online emphasises on affiliate marketing and truth be told, I have seen six figure income report from bloggers who are into affiliate marketing.  Read What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Can You Earn From It
  7. Using Your Blog To Launch/Promote Your Business – Many bloggers have through their blogs and websites launched their own businesses and turned their blog readers into customers. For example, a fashion blogger launching a clothing line or hairline.
  8. Speaking At Events/Attending Events – Bloggers get paid to come and speak at events and even just to attend an event and post about it.
  9. Brand Ambassadorship – Many top bloggers land thousands of dollars worth brand deals. You hear things like ‘Maybelline Squad’, ‘L’oreal squad’ etc. Those bloggers/influencers earn big time from such deals and gain a lot of exposure as well.


Which of these monetization avenues have you explored and how has it worked for you? Thanks for reading and happy blogging!


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    This is amazing
    I need to start making money off my blog soonest.
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