Danie’s Corner : How I Finally Got My Blog Approved For Adsense After Several Rejections


How I Got My Blog Approved For Adsense

This post is about how I got approved for Adsense on my blogger blog. When I first created my blog almost accidentally, I didn’t have any idea what I was doing neither was I taking it so seriously from the onset so I set it up on the free blogger platform – free hosting, the free domain everything so I had ‘.blogspot.com‘ behind my domain name. I started reading and getting more knowledge on blogging and of course monetisation and then I came across Adsense and a tool for monetisation. There is actually a tab on the blogger dashboard where you could look at your earnings and revenue from Adsense so I decided to sign up for Adsense, I basically followed all the steps and if you’ve applied for Adsense before, you know the message that says, you’re site is under review

I waited and waited hoping to receive an email from them and I finally did. The email said my blog and content wasn’t suitable yet for displaying ads on them. I wasn’t upset because my blog was relatively new, my blog template and navigation wasn’t really that good, I had not so many posts and probably they could tell I had just a few blog hits too. And I felt, Adsense is right, they probably know what they’re doing, I’ll just work on my blog and apply later on.

After some months, I decided to apply again and went into waiting and waiting and waiting and probably would have still been waiting until tomorrow. But I have a friend of mine who’s an Info Marketer and he actually schooled me on blogs, websites, email marketing, monetisation, SEO, content creation and so much more I was naive about. And I learnt from him that Adsense approves WordPress sites more than they do they’re sister or brother blogger sites and I want to believe that theory, let me know in the comments f you think so too.

He convinced me that I could get someone on Fiver who could help approve Adsense for me and I decided to give it a try cause he reassured me it would work. I can’t remember clearly but the gig costs about $14 or so. The description was a Youtube Adsense and I was a bit sceptical if I could also use youtube Adsense on my blog and he said it would work, after some days, the Adsense came out. I was sent the google account login details and asked to change the password and customise the payment information.

But I couldn’t find how to display ads on my site why? Because it was a hosted partner Adsense account, it was linked to a Youtube Channel in my name and when monetisation is turned on, ads show within your videos and Youtube pays you for those ads. In order to display ads on a non hosted platform such as my blog, I had to resubmit my domain for guess what? Another review process. I was sort of disappointed cause I know how these reviews always end. What are the odds that I’ll be approved now when I hadn’t been approved twice before but this one was different. Surprisingly, not long after that my domain which was now ‘.com‘ was approved and I could get ad code for my site which was very exciting and more like a dream come through. So you might want to explore this other route to getting verified by Adsense.

While waiting on Adsense, I did try other ad networks but didn’t have such a great experience eventually maybe I just didn’t know how to work them out, some ads were giving my readers horrible experience, constantly clicking my readers out of my blog to other spammy ad sites but the Adsense ads have been blog and reader-friendly.

So that’s the story of one newbie blogger’s journey to Adsense approval. How about you? Do you have an approved Adsense account? Are you showing ads on your site? What other ad networks are you on? Is Adsense also giving you a hard time? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and happy blogging!


Written by: Daniella Bature 



  1. Azeh Praise
    October 24, 2017 / 7:23 am

    Big congrats.
    So one can’t get Google sense approval on a free hosted site?

    Cheers to the successes ahead.

  2. zee
    February 7, 2018 / 9:45 pm

    hey, so how did you get the .com for your blog? Please help.

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