Blog Tips: 7 Top Tips To Get More Comments On Your Blog

7 Top Tips To Improve Blog Comments

A lot of people complain about poor engagements on their blog posts. This can be caused by various reasons starting from the structure of a post. Engagements on a post are very helpful in getting feedback and also serves as a means to relate to your blog readers. However, you should know that not getting lots of comments doesn’t mean your blog isn’t good or anything like that. Several bloggers have comments pod which is why they garner tons of comments on each post. As a blogger, it is your duty to strive to provide useful tips and services to others. A great way to continually do this is by giving your readers what they want. The best way to achieve this is through feedback. Hence, engagements cannot be overrated. To help you achieve this, I have compiled 7 tips to improve blog comments.

  • Create very good posts: This is highly paramount because the quality of your posts determines whether people would find it interesting enough to comment or not. The first of the 7 tips to improve blog comments is to ensure you create comment-worthy posts. Make your posts appealing and easily readable. Make use of headings, subheadings and good images/graphics. There are several great tips on how to create good posts on the web and you can see some here and here. 
  • Call to action: Never underestimate the power of a CTA!. A CTA helps to gently remind readers to take action. This is a great way to grab your readers attention but do not over abuse it. Always make your CTA’s simple and catchy.
  • Pull an Oliver Twist on them: We all know the Oliver Twist story, right? So, play that card and make your readers want more.Your readers want to have reasons to come back and asking them if they want more is a sure fire way to make your posts relate-able. For e.g, If you write a post on how to create a good blog post, you can ask if they want another post on 30 blog post ideas. If they want more they would definitely have to say so in the comment section and your blog’s comments will improve. It’s not rocket science! Sometimes we are responsible for poor post engagements. As a blogger, you have to create out time to treat your readers right. See them as your customers, if you don’t treat customers right, they leave and never return.
  • Approve comments ASAP: Nobody wants to wait forever to see their comment posted. Try as much as possible to approve comments ASAP.
  • Reply comments: Remember that talk on treating your customers right? Then apply it here. Respond to comments, this will encourage your readers to come back and leave more comments as they will find you friendly and relatable.
  • Interact with your community: Interact with other bloggers, leave comments on other blogs and most will return the favour.
  • Make use of plugins: The last of the 7 tips to improve blog comments is to make use of plugins that enhance blog discussion. Plugins such as Disqus comment system which comes with several features to make discussion seamless or commentluv which serves to encourage more comments by showing love to commenters. It does this by automatically adding a commenter’s link to his or her last blog post.

Post Written by Gift Collins




  1. Stella
    January 3, 2018 / 6:16 pm

    Blog engagement is definitely the aim! This post definitely helped, I’ll be trying a few things you put in here, thanks!

    • Thebloggerpoint
      January 3, 2018 / 8:07 pm

      That’s great to here. Thank you for reading

  2. fisayo
    January 17, 2018 / 4:14 pm

    this is relevant information, thanks for sharing

    • Thebloggerpoint
      January 17, 2018 / 5:26 pm

      Thank you for taking time out to read

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