Get started: Mide tells how blogging has changed her life…..

Growing up, I battled with a low self esteem,  a lot of people were oblivious to this because i was very good at hiding my insecurities. Now you’ll ask what was the reason for the low self esteem? Good

question. I am on the petite side and so when all my friends were passing as 20 somethings, I was being asked ‘how old are you?’ This was just a part of the numerous things i felt insecure about. As funny as it may sound, it bothered me for a while till I decided i was done with my pity party.
Fast forward to some years later, I realized that I had a thing for writing, even my literature teachers and lecturers testified to that, my main constraint however was that I was too lazy. Eventually I googled different ways to improve in writing and owning a blog popped up. I had no idea whatsoever on how to begin, but I was determined to do something with this newly found ‘talent’.
My friend and i were talking one day and out of our whole discussion I only picked out one thing he said “portable is the new hot”.
Left to me I had found a name for my blog.
Most blogs I had seen had a particular thing they talked about and i was lost on what I wanted mine to be about. I finally decided that it will be a form of diary (since i had none growing up) where I will share my personal experiences, things that people can totally relate with and some of my ‘compact’ stories, trust me I had quite a handful of stories to tell. So I created the blog.
I discovered along the line that I also had a flare for inspiring people which is why I came up with a notable feature on my blog; #mondayinspiration. It’s a weekly motivational post that gives you the proper drive and attitude to go through the week.
From personal stories, to inspirational posts, relationship talks and every other thing you can think of, is one blog you can relate with. Still a work in progress but definitely not a waste of your time..and of course data. I have no regrets creating it because it’s been a beautiful and not-so-beautiful experience (all part of growth right?). I mean, Google adsense and Blogger have tried their best to shake me here and there but you know, nobody said it was easy but I can confidently tell you it’s been worth it so far.

GET STARTED: is a new section where bloggers share their blogging story to inspire new bloggers or existing ones.
We hope this story inspire you. And if you wish to share you story on how you started blogging, how it has changed you as a person, hopefully positively or how you use your blog to inspire others. All you have to do is just email your story to:
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7 thoughts on “Get started: Mide tells how blogging has changed her life…..

  • Aminatawa

    I’m proud of you baby whether you know it or not you inspire a lot of us.

    • Mide

      Thank you dear and thank you The Blogger Point for sharing my story.

  • demilade

    So proud of you sis…..keep it up

    • Mide

      Thank you baby♡

    • Mide

      Thank you baby girl♡

  • Bukola

    Very proud of you; of course BeautyByDupsey wouldn’t have been without you…

    • Mide

      Thanks love..I’m proud of us too 😊


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