4 Important Blog Pages You Should Have On Your Blog!

4 Important Blog Pages You Should Have

Apart from the fact that these pages make your blog look professional and legit. These are important blog pages you need to have if you plan to work with brands and affiliate links. It’s all part of branding and facilitate ways for brands to get in touch with you. Let’s get straight into it:

  1. About me: This is a page that should contain all details about you, what you do, hobbies and aspirations either related to blogging or not.
  2. Contact me: Facilitating how people can get in touch with you is very important. You never know who can come across your blog. There is nothing as frustrating as a blogger you can’t find their contact details on their blog. Not everybody will have the spare time to DM you on Instagram to ask for your email address.
  3. Privacy Policy: This is very important especially when you are collecting people’s details such as email addresses either for a newsletter or personal contact. Privacy Policy is also part of Google Adsense requirements for qualifications. There are several free policy privacy generators online that can help you generate a policy for your blog after asking for few details. Click HERE to try out an easy one.
  4. Collaborate/Testimonial: This is a page you want to use to reference all your previous collaborations. You can add the name of brands you’ve worked with along with logo or picture, tagging the link to the post you provided for them. This can be called your online collaboration portfolio.

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Maryam Salam

Instagram: @itsmaryamsalam


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  1. Wow love love this post ,just came across this and this will definitely help me as I new into blogging ,especially number 3 and 4

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