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Hey guys,

Hope your week is starting on a very positive note? I am probably in class at the moment. One of my University goals this year is to avoid missing any class which I’ve been staying true to. Anyways, today’s post isn’t about my class, its all about one of the biggest challenges every blogger go through: Staying consistent.

Apart from getting so many questions on consistency, I know many people wonder how I stay on top of things even though I still think I am struggling but then I guess I make it look easy. 

Today, I will be sharing my daily blog routine with you guys covering how I plan my Instagram posts, Facebook page, Pinterest and blog post. Perhaps if you try it, it might make you a consistent blogger too or atleast, motivate you to stay consistent. Starting from [SCROLL DOWN TO CONTINUE READING]:

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blog tips

If you wish to get in touch with PDS_bychinnie, you can either message them on Instagram @pds_bychinnie or Better still, call/Whatsapp: 08109301177. If you are based in Abuja, you can either visit them at 13 Ezekiel Okoya crescent, Off 612 road, 7th avenue, Gwarimpa.

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  • Shoot Day: I mostly shoot in ‘bulk‘. My shoot days are mostly full days cos I shoot between 3-5 outfits a day if the weather corporates well with me which will mostly last between 3 to 6 hours. I’ve been blogging for several years now so, I kinda know the shots I am looking for when shooting which helps me plan my location, direction of the photographer (Basically anyone helping me to take pictures that day) and angles. I take almost all my shoots around the same environment but from different angles (Neutral background to fit my Instagram theme) – I mostly shoot weekends!
  • Editing: End of shoot-day, I will likely edit my Monday post pictures immediately. I pick between 4 to 8 pictures for the website. If you’ve noticed, I like my pictures slightly raw meaning, not so much editing but still sharp and clean. I use my Macbook basic editing tools (Reduce light, Increase contrast, Sharpen a bit and adjust colors). My camera has auto-smooth integrated which gives your skin a natural smoothness.
  • Draft post: I usually draft my Monday’s post on Sunday’s simply because I don’t want to worry about that while in class. I do my write up, add my pictures, links etc and save
  • Prepare Instagram post: After writing my post, I will normally send the article pictures to my phone for editing. I love editing so, I will usually just edit before going to bed.
  • Monday morning:  I know I could just schedule my post to go up automatically but I love to review with a fresh mind before clicking the publish button.
  • Facebook page: All my published posts automatically publish on my blog Facebook page.
  • Instagram post: I will normally wake up between 7am – 12am, publish a post from the article to announce my new article on the blog.
  • Facebook Group Share: I joined several bloggers Facebook group. While commuting to Uni from home, I will share my new blog-post link on these Facebook groups.
  • Pinterest post: I am on ‘3 weeks daily Pinterest post challenge‘. So, I will prepare a Pinterest poster on Canva with my Blog article title and publish during my lunch break.
  • Another Instagram post: I will most likely post another picture or a none related post picture during lunch or a bit later in the day.
  • NEXT DAY & DAY AFTER: I repeat the Facebook groups promotion and Instagram/Twitter post before a new post goes up on Thursday. Then re-start the entire routine for  Thursday post….Then, follow the NEXT DAY & DAY AFTER routine on Friday and Saturday.

LAST POST: Personal Life Update: Blogging, Work, University Life, Relationship – Finally Revealing Everything!

Sounds hectic but trust me, with time you get used to it and it just becomes a regular daily routine for you.

“Blogging isn’t a 9 to 5 job but a 24 HOURS job”

Hope you enjoyed the post? Comment below, share how you stay consistent with me and other bloggers….

Wishing you a lovely day and hope to see you back on Thursday [A new post every Monday & Thursday]

– Maryam xoxo – Instagram: @itsmaryamsalam




  1. Damie Alabi
    October 13, 2017 / 7:32 am

    very insightful and helpful tips,I should incorporate some of this into my blogging style.

    • fashionbydaisy
      October 13, 2017 / 3:54 pm

      Thank you for stopping by. Glad you find it helpful

  2. Osy osehie
    October 16, 2017 / 10:37 am

    Loved reading this detailed routine, a blog is set to flourish with this level of care. Thanks for sharing

    • fashionbydaisy
      October 16, 2017 / 11:16 am

      Thank you for reading Osy

  3. Habiba
    October 17, 2017 / 8:36 pm

    I’ll love to ally this to my blog life. It will be very helpful. Thanks so much

    • fashionbydaisy
      October 17, 2017 / 10:02 pm

      Thank you for reading…

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