Guest Post: 5 Tips To Making Your Blog Design More Visually Appealing

 5 Tips To Making Your Blog Design More Visually Appealing

A visually Appealing blog should be the desire of any blogger who wants to draw attention and keep their audience intrigued to their blog and blog design. The truth is that not everyone that visits your blog would take their time to read through your post especially if it, not a topic they find interesting or your blog centres on areas that do not catch their fancy. In such a situation like this, how do you ensure uninterested people also become your audience?  The Secret is all in the Visual appeal of your Blog. A visually appealing blog has the ability to keep its reader for a longer while. The truth is that everybody loves eye candy and that’s why Instagram is having more and more users. Here are five tips to help you transform your blog into a more visually appealing one.

  1. Colours

It is no secret that what makes things visually appealing is Color. Imagine a blog without colours. Boring right?. When choosing a theme for your blog choose one that lets you use colours you like. Your blog should look colourful irrespective of the area your blog caters to. Your posts should have colourful and vivid pictures at all times. I’ve had people tell me how they love my blog because it’s colourful even tough I know they don’t read trough post sometimes. However when choosing colours for your blog, logo etc. be careful not to use too bright colours and don’t have too many colours playing around on your blog so that your blog doesn’t look like a colour wheel which may be repellent. I have often times closed a blog page because it was looking too monochrome for my liking so go for colour.

2. Pictures

Always use pictures in your posts irrespective of what the post is about. Even if it’s just a post on how bad your day went today just add pictures. Adding pictures to your posts has a way of keeping your reader connected to what you’re talking about and also helps them visualise it better in their mind’s eye. Always make sure every picture you use is of good Quality and vivid. These little details should not be left out. If your post is a very long one be sure to fix pictures in between paragraphs as it prevents your readers from getting bored of your long story. A picture tells a story, remember? I personally prefer blogs that are more of pictures and less of writings.

3. Featured image


Featured images are very important part of a blog post. Sometimes the title of your post may not be catchy enough to draw a reader’s attention and in such case, a featured image would be a great help. A featured image has a way of creating the impression that they are several more lovely images embedded in the post thereby propelling the reader to click on the post to see more even though they may not be more pictures. We live in a world where pictures say more than words so always have them up.

4. Picture slide and videos

Picture Slides is another way of giving your blog visual appeal. Rather than have one picture stuck to a corner of your blog or post you can opt for a slideshow, which gives your reader more photos to look at even in one glance. A slideshow shows your readers more at once, which is great eye candy. Also, add some videos to your blog posts. Sometimes your readers are too tired to read after a long day of work but they wouldn’t mind watching a video.

5. Add widgets/Ads

Adding interesting and colourful widgets and Ads to your blog improves the overall look of your blog. I know what you’re thinking. You are thinking of how to get an Ad on your blog when you are just a beginner. Well, you don’t have to wait for a company to advertise their product on your blog, you probably have friends doing one or two business and are still struggling to create awareness, you can create an Ad for them in your blog. This also helps boost your blog because it creates the impression your blog is doing great to the point people are already advertising with you and it also helps people take your blog more seriously not knowing you probably created the Ad yourself. However, make sure the Ad is actually a true business in case people start calling the business lines in the Ad.

Important Note: Any picture, featured image or widget you’re putting up on your blog should be related to the post and must be in line with what your blog is all about.

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    WOW! I’ve never considered creating free ADs for my friends…I’m so doing that.

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