Blog Tips: Blogging Can Be Overwhelming, This Is How To Easily Avoid ‘Blogging Burnout’

blogging burnout

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Blogging Can Be Overwhelming, How To Avoid ‘Blogging Burnout’

Wow, I can’t believe there was no post published on the blog last week. Guys, I am really sorry to disappoint but I’ve been ill and I just needed time to take good care of myself. The Uni, work and blogging stress really got to me. The weather changes as well weren’t  helping but I am glad to be back. Feeling much stronger and I really appreciate everyone for checking up on me and sending all the lovely DM’s.

Blogging for a while but lately, you’ve noticed things aren’t moving well as much as expected. You are getting discouraged and losing your motivation slowly. Wait maybe you are experiencing a blogging burnout. Just before you start panicking, be rest assured that blogging burnout can happen to anyone.

Whether you’ve been blogging for years or months, anyone can experience a blogging burnout especially when you notice bloggers around you celebrating nominations, followers number, etc.  Signs of blogging burnout can be lack of motivation, overall negativity about your blog, lack of ideas, constantly feeling uninspired, experiencing guilt for spending time away from your blog, reduced love for your blog and writing. Well, before you completely give up on yourself, here are some tips that will help you avoid that complete burnout route:

  • Have a schedule: I noticed whenever I am really getting overwhelmed with things I need to do, writing things down helps. Having everything in your head make things look unachievable and difficult but when you have a to-do list, it’s easier to follow-up and gets through by the day. Some people prefer having a blog planner which has proven to be very helpful but personally, I have never used one but I have a diary dedicated to blogging which can be an equivalent of a planner. I personally didn’ see the need to specifically have a planner simply because I feel it might shape what I should write and give me some sort of restriction rather than have a plain dairy I can write up anything and everything I want [If that makes sense].
  • Set realistic blog goals: I have said this over and over again on my blog. Setting realistic goals is important to stay consistent with blogging. You know yourself, you know your other commitments and you know how much time you have. I know many bloggers feel pressured to over-promise their readers due to other bloggers routine but don’t plan your schedule based on someone else’s time. Be real with yourself. If you know your work doesn’t permit you to post 2-3 times a week, stick to posting once a week. Yes, it might be low but consistency is key.
  • Say “NO” to time-wasting projects: I know the ultimate goal is to be that yes person. But, one thing I’ve realised when you start taking your blogging seriously is saying NO to time-wasting projects or activities. Instead, spend this time to relax and get inspiration. The more time you spend on time-wasting activities or projects, the less time you have to dedicate to your blog or prepare your post. which leads to my next point.

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  • Take time off your blog: I know I might not look like the right person to say this because I spend most of my time on activities related to my blog but lately, I’ve actually been spending more time watching movies (Hahahaha) and studying of-course than blogging. Again, with my new styling job which I actually love, I have promised to stay on top of my blogging routine so I can spend extra time on other things. Have other activities and hobbies from blogging, it will make a huge impact. Go dancing, practice your favourite sport or rather take a short exploring trip to a city near-by.
  • Stop comparing: This is probably one of the most difficult things to do. Sometimes, we do it without realising we are comparing ourselves to others. Comparison can easily drag you down that burnout route we don’t want. The moment you stop focusing on others, being thankful for the stage you are in your creative journey and driving your energy towards making yourself a better creative, trust me, everything will change for good.

  • Seek help from creative people like you: This point is pretty much straightforward. Most times, people around us who aren’t bloggers don’t really understand what we do and that can indirectly affect our creativity. You can’t continue blaming them for not being supportive, instead, you need to seek support from fellow creatives as yourself. Hang-out with some bloggers friends, don’t be afraid to be the one to initiate a get-together, take your laptop and head to a coffee shop to work with a fellow blogger etc. A simple conversation with another blogger can draw back your motivations and ideas.

Have you ever experience a blogging burnout? Let us know how you handled it.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you soon.

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  1. Pere
    November 21, 2017 / 9:53 am

    Yes, I have. It took almost a year to come out of it.
    It helped me to re-strategize and now I’m rebranding.

    December 1, 2017 / 6:32 am

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  3. Gift
    December 27, 2017 / 10:09 am

    Very insightful post!

    • Thebloggerpoint
      December 28, 2017 / 10:20 am

      Thank you for reading

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