Danie’s Corner : How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing As a Blogger

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How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing As a Blogger

If you’re reading this, then it means you want to start monetizing your blog and you’ve heard of affiliate marketing before and are wondering what it’s all about and how you can start earning big from it or you’re just hearing the words ‘affiliate marketing’ for the first time. Either way, in this post, you’ll learn how affiliate marketing actually works and how to get started.

Affiliate marketing like this post on What is affiliate marketing explains is a way of earning commission for promoting/marketing a product or service. As bloggers, we have platforms with an audience. When we promote or market a product or service to our readers, there is a likelihood that they might want to get their hands on that product so you get paid a small commission for every sale(or click) that comes from your site.

So in this post which is like a sequel to this one, there are ways you can start making money from affiliate marketing. The goal here is to get your unique links to your readers and potential buyers. So how can you do this?

  1. You need to sign up to affiliate networks or individual affiliate programs. Check out 100 Affiliate Programs for Beauty & Fashion Bloggers and The Best Affiliate Networks for New Bloggers. When you sign up for the programs and get accepted then, you can start using the available materials normally text links, banners, coupon codes etc to promote and market.
  2. Place your affiliate links within your blog posts. You get more clicks when you place the link at different locations within the body of your blog post to direct your reader to the product page where they can purchase the item.
  3. Place affiliate links in your photos. People tend to want to click on photos and photo captions so make sure that when they do they are directed to the affiliated product page.
  4. Sidebar banner ads: If the company you’re promoting has banners, then it’s a good idea to place those banners in your sidebar, header or footer.
  5. Send out newsletters with affiliate links in them.
  6. Use affiliated shopping widgets on your blog. Could be a list of your picks, your favourites, your recent finds, a look or products used in a tutorial that you can make into a widget. You can easily achieve this with Rewardstyle or ShopStyle.
  7. Post your affiliate links on your socials – link to products on your twitter, snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram Stories, everywhere.
  8. One of the ways to get people to purchase through your link is to do a review post or video and include the link to the product showing people while the product is so good and your experience using it to solve a problem. Apart from review posts, wishlists, gift guides, how to tutorials, hauls, shopping guides are other ways to make good use of affiliate links.

Do You Have a Buying or Clicking Audience?

Especially for fashion, lifestyle & beauty bloggers, you need to ask yourself if your audience/target audience are buying or just clicking. Determining that can help you decide what to focus your energy on. In this post about How to Add a ‘Shop this Post’ Widget to Your Blog & Make Money From It, I introduced you guys to ShopStyle, an amazing platform for newbie affiliates which allows you to still earn even when your reader doesn’t buy. You get paid just for clicks and impressions so you might want to check it out.

To see huge figures from affiliate marketing, you need to be promoting products your readers are interested in and need to be driving huge amount of sales (which means high amount of traffic matters to an extent) because the commission is actually not so much, just a little percentage although it varies based on the price of the product and from program to program.

What questions do you have on affiliate marketing and using it to monetise your blog and social media? Comment them down below and the team can answer you or we can address your concerns in a future post.

Thank you for reading. Happy Blogging.

Written by: Daniella Bature. 




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