Danie’s Corner: 14 Great Ways To Quickly Grow Your Blog’s Facebook Page

Grow Your Facebook Page

If you read How To Use Facebook to Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog, you remember setting up a facebook page is a great source of traffic to your main blog posts. So let’s say you’ve already created a Facebook page for your blog separate from your personal Facebook account but the next challenge is getting people to like and follow the page. How do you grow your Facebook page, get more likes, followers and traffic? Here’s how in no particular order …

1. Create a status update with a link to your new page telling your existing friends to check out and like your page.

2. Invite your existing Facebook friends and any new ones you make after that to like your Facebook page. On your Facebook, click see all in Page Tips, you would see Know Friends Who Might Like Your Page? Underneath that, click on Invite Friends button. This takes you to a list of your friends where you can hit the invite button for those you haven’t invited yet.

3. Link your Facebook page to your Instagram business account. Not only does this give you the benefit of seeing insights and analytics and being able to run ads/campaigns from both platforms but when posting a picture or video to Instagram, you’re also able to automatically post it to your Facebook page as well by just tapping a button and you’ve updated both platforms at once, saves you the stress of having to log into Facebook to update your followers again and it boosts engagement.

4. Facebook is a visual platform so you need to post more visuals – photos, videos, boomerangs, gifs, infographics, instead of just text because they have higher engagement and perform better than just texts or text links.

5. Share posts from your page on your personal profile, within other groups, so that way people see the update and see that it’s coming from your page, they can click through and like it.

6. Place a Facebook page widget on your blog so blog visitors/ readers can easily connect with you on facebook and let your Facebook social icon link directly to your page.

7. Cross promote your Facebook page on different platforms, Post and direct your Instagram followers to your page by including it in a caption, placing it in your bio or posting it on your IG stories, same as on Twitter, snapchat and other socials where you are active.

8. You must be consistent, this is the most important, you have to post as frequently as you can cause Facebook is always refreshing. One good thing about a Facebook page is the scheduling property. So you post multiple updates at once but they go live at different times that you specify and this scheduling tool is free.

9. Encourage your followers to share your posts from your Facebook page by simply adding “please share this post with your friends” or “tag a friend who would like this”.

10. Engage with your followers by responding to messages and replying to comments so they can connect with you and so your page can be suggested to other similar accounts and users.

11. Run a giveaway – if you’re looking to grow your likes, have a giveaway and let liking your page be one of the rules, or you can run it strictly on Facebook. Sharing the giveaway post, or tagging friends can be part of the rules to boost engagement and traffic.

12. Run paid Facebook ads to introduce your page to a new audience and increase your reach, Facebook always suggests your high-performing posts for promotion.

13. Leave a link to your facebook page at the end of every blog post is another good idea and not just your Facebook page but all your other active social platforms as well.

14. Last but not least, participate in blogger like for like posts especially in blogger Facebook groups. For every blogger’s page you like, you receive a like back when you include a link to your own page in the comments. You can also post one of your own just make sure you keep to your word and like back everyone who likes your page.

Share in the comments below which of these techniques you use and how they’ve been working for you. You may also want to read

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Thanks for reading. Happy blogging!


Written by: Daniella Bature



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  1. Debs
    October 3, 2017 / 4:23 am

    Awesome tips. I clearly agree.

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