Danie’s Corner – How To Come Up With Fantastic Blog Post Ideas

Sometimes as a creative, you are overflowing with ideas and you just can’t wait to execute them while other times, it’s as though your mind is just blocked and you need to get some inspiration from somewhere These are simple ways that work and can help you come up with good ideas for your blog with ease

  1. Ask your followers – You can ask your readers/subscribers/followers what kind of content they will like to see from you. After all, you’re putting the post up for them so you would want to cater to their needs.
  1. Look through your comments – By looking through your comments, you may come across some enquiries, unanswered questions or anything that may inspire you to create another post.
  1. Visit other blogs – By visiting other blogs in your niche, you can see what topics others are blogging about and what’s working for them. You don’t necessarily have to steal or copy their posts but it can get your creative juices flowing so you create a unique post of your own.
  1. Do posts that are trending – Blog about topics that are trending or are in season. The summer just finished and there were a lot of summer related posts, another example is the back to school season. Right now, its fall season, Halloween is also trending now, its breast cancer awareness month this October and so on.
  1. Ask Friends & Family – Talk to your friends and family for suggestions on what you should blog about. They might just want to see the same things as your readers would and they could give you some basic ideas you can work on and develop to suit your style although they can have some “out of this world” ideas but that’s why they’re friends and family.
  1. Look through your old posts – Browse through some of the posts you have published already. Can you do a sequel? A follow-up post? For example, I did a post titled “Everything you need to know about getting your first period” and there I mentioned you can make an emergency period kit yourself instead of buying it  which gave me the idea to make a different post “DIY: How to make Your Own Emergency Period Kit”. So look through your old posts for some new post inspiration and make sure you leave a link to the new post at the end of the old one.
  1. Have an Ideas Journal – Have a notepad where you write down every single idea that pops into your head even though it doesn’t make complete sense yet, you can always go back to it and make it more meaningful.
  1. Search online – You can look online for other blog posts that list blog post ideas for bloggers in your niche. Here is one by fashion blogger Fashionbydaisy – 25 BLOGPOST IDEA’S FOR FASHION, BEAUTY, LIFESTYLE AND FOOD BLOGGER
  1. Watch YouTube videos – Go on YouTube and watch some videos related your niche, they could give you some ideas on what to post about.
  1. Your personal experiences – Now is the time to look inward. Why not blog about what you have learned, the things you go through and everyday life as a blogger, a student, a parent, whatever you are. Some other people in your shoes might be in need of the same information.
  1. Go out – Sometimes you need to go out, take a walk, attend an event, go and see a movie, anything really can give you some blog post inspiration.

So that’s all for this post, what are your thoughts? Do you have any additional tips that have worked for you, please share them in the comments section below. Thanks for reading till the end. Until the next post, hugs!