Business Tips: How To Build The Perfect Team For Your Business (Your Team Choice Can Make You Or Ruin You)

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How To Build The Perfect Team For Your Business

After several years of reading about how a business can go from making 6/8 figures to bankruptcy, this has left me in a position of fear but better space to be very careful about who I bring on my team. I single handily started The Blogger Point, operated it alone for several months but while I jump from one platform to another with a long list of things to do daily, sooner, I realised I needed a team to support and grow with me. You can grow your business alone but with a team, you can grow faster!

It’s scary, risky and can be intimidating to open your business to new people you don’t know especially when a huge capital is involved.  At this point, I knew I needed to be disciplined myself to pick a team member, guide them and most especially make them see the vision I am seeing. For me, that was the most important because I believe if they can see what you are seeing then it keeps everyone on track. I said discipline because this isn’t the time to pick anyone based on friendship, relationship or excitement.

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A lot of us make that mistake of picking people “based on excitement”. What do I mean by that? – Well, we pick them based on how they approach us and everything they promise to do which gets us really excited to make the decision of adding them to our team. Trust me, I didn’t get this right too at first but with time and searching for more knowledge, I was able to identify few mistakes to avoid. So, how do you pick the perfect team member for your business? Here are 5 things to consider when building your team: [Continue reading]

  • Personality: Like I said earlier on, this isn’t the time to focus on what they can do but more on their personality. For me, I was looking out for: Do they have the passion for blogging (In your case, for your business sector), what has the person got going on for themselves related to the business sector, how long have they been doing it, what do they know about this sector of business generally? You can always teach them the skills of your business but their personality will push them to want to learn more and improve the skills needed.
  • How competent/consistent are they: Most of the people on my team didn’t know this but I actually took my time to go read their blog and check out their social media pages thoroughly [Now they know, they might be reading this]. I didn’t go there to correct their grammatical error or look who they are collaborating with, No. I went to check what they write about, what they are passionate about, how long they’ve been writing and see how they’ve been progressing. I know straight up Demi was into DIY, that caught my attention cos it shows she is a creative thinker, Danie was more into the content solution finder, Kim was the fashionable girl with so much boldness in her style, Tofunmi is the fun and bubbly writer although I didn’t see so much consistency, but she was  kinda trying to find her ground and Salmah always shows interest in every opportunity available  by TBP (She is the ‘ready to go type‘). So, competency and consistency are key!

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  • Compatibility: This is my reason to make sure every team members are bloggers. Either working physically together or at distance, everyone needs to work together. So, I wanted to build a common link between everyone to make them connect together. Apart from work and tasks, there are days we all just talk blogging and sharing tips and advises with each other. projects can get really hectic and we all get carried away with work under so much pressure but it’s always great to ease the tension with something everyone loves doing and enjoy discussing. Pick team members that are compatible and can get along well.
  • Leading Skills: In terms of skills, It’s important to aim for a leader because “A leader is a winner”. Anyone with leading skills knows how important it is to win as a team and individually which will fall into your business overall aim – to WIN. How do you know if someone has leading skills? Well ask yourself, can this person work alone or as a team member, Can they make decisions, are they willing to achieve their best in their personal lives, what initiatives have they taken before related to professional or personal life etc. And, this is something you need to continuously do in your business cos it also helps you determine if they are still very much passionate about what they do after few months. At The Blogger Point, we all handle different things which require lots of self-discipline and self-motivation as we’ve been work virtually for almost 2 years now. You need to be sure, If you send a member to represent your brand, they can do it wonderfully well because at that moment “They are the team leader” and brand ambassador.
  • Finally, Listen: This is one big one I personally I am struggling with and continuously training myself to be better at. As the business head, you need to really listen to your team. Every contribution shouldn’t be taken for granted because the way you see things perfectly in your head, a team member can make the idea 10 times easier than your perfection. In another hand, you want to make sure the people you pick have their own voice as well. They are not afraid to voice out their opinion or at any point feel that their contribution isn’t appreciated. If they don’t talk, ask until you get what you want. 

It’s not only about finding the perfect team but ‘be ready to build the perfect team‘ for your business!

A big shout-out to team TBP for teaching me so much through the process of leading them, doing their best individually and as a committed team member to build TBP platform… Love you guys! – “Everyone is just badass at what they do”Tofunmi Disu

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