Business Directory: This NEW Feature On Our Site Will Boost Your Business & Relationship With Bloggers!


Our latest feature on the site will make working with brands easier than ever. Firstly, you want to read how and what your brand can do with bloggers to get the best of your collaboration here

The Business Directory allows you to place your collaboration request directly on our platform open to over 500 bloggers across Nigeria. 

How it works:

Head over to our site

In the menu bar, Navigate to Business Directory and Click on SUBMIT

Fill the listing form (Don’t forget to choose the right category of bloggers needed and add all necessary details in description box)

Submit listing then wait for our review/approval

Follow up your submission in > My Listing

Relax, and we will manage your request till execution

Then we take over – Our process:

Go through all applications

Shortlist 3 interesting applications that suit your brand and can represent your brand correctly considering the influencer reach, impression, followership, engagement and overall statistics

Finalise with your preferred blogger 

Provide necessary information for exchange

*We send regular listing update to your inbox

*Monitor that influencer respects all required conditions

*Send necessary links of post/videos from blogger

*Follow up statistics

*Request our listing rate card at before listing

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4 thoughts on “Business Directory: This NEW Feature On Our Site Will Boost Your Business & Relationship With Bloggers!

  1. Great. I hope bloggers like me will have a shot. It looks like, if you are not based in Abuja or Lagos, nothing for you…I joined here to connect with other bloggers… and brands as well. I hope I can achieve that here. Thanks for adding this feature.

    1. Hello,
      Welcome on board. No darling, the opportunities de wpends on where brands are located. We try as much as possible to get opportunities across Nigeria and as we grow, there will be more opportunities in every state (we will try…we are working on it)


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