Blogger Discovery: Meet Nail Art Blogger – Lacquer By Damola

Today on Blogger Discovery we are introducing Bolaji Oyindamola creator of the brand Lacquer by Damola

She created  Lacquer By Damola a page about nails, nail arts and trends

We asked Damola how she has kept consistently since 2014 when she started her page and what her brand is all about, here is what she had to say:

 Introducing Lacquer by Damola

Hello TBP,

I am Bolaji Oyindamola,  I am a registered Architect and have been working for about 5 years.  I am a quick talker, an adventurer, art lover and creative thinker. I am also an avid learner, very keen on taking on new endeavours. I am the creator of Lacquer By Damola blog. I blog about Nails, Nail Art and Nail Art trends that catch my eye and that I think nail-lovers will be interested in.  

Lacquer By Damola

  I started blogging in 2014 as a way to let off some creative steam as I did not find architecture as artistically stimulating as I would have wanted. When I started Lacquer By Damola, it was borne out of a hobby of painting things on my nails and posting on Instagram. I started taking it a little more seriously when I started getting featured on international blogs. A lot of inconsistencies along the way but I did a reboot late last year and I am having fun blogging again.
My top tip for consistency with blogging will be to have all pictures and backstory/caption ready to post on IG before the time I need to post. It also helps to take as many different pictures of my nails so that I can post them spread over the day. Same nails but different perspectives, I am able to engage people throughout the day focused on the same content.
We loved getting to know Damola and her brand Lacquer By Damola and we wish her the best on her journey.

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