Blogger Discovery: Meet Blogger Ugochi Nwangwu of “The20something”

Last week on Blogger Discovery we introduced the lovely nail blogger LacquerbyDamola, today we are introducing Ugochi Nwangwu of The20something, a lifestyle blogger and adventurer.
We asked her about herself and her blog and how she keeps consistently blogging, and here is what she had to say:

Introducing Ugochi Nwangwu of The20something

Blogger, Ugochi Nwangwu
My name is Ugochi Nwangwu of The20somethings and @Ugochi_V on Twitter.
I am a writer, a music and lifestyle enthusiast, content creator, dancer, turn-up queen, an adventurer, alcohol and art appreciator and a host. I am currently serving as an NYSC corper in Abuja, Nigeria and figuring out this whole adulting thing.
I have a natural flair for writing and started blogging since 2012. I created The20somethings to be a space for relatable, entertaining, knowledgeable and inspiring content for people in their 20’s or that have been in their 20’s.
My love for sharing is what fuels most of my writing and content. I gain inspiration from my life, my environment, the society and the people around me. My top blogging tip is know your audience  because that helps shape your content most time.
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