Happy Friday Guys, Blogger Boss of the week is Adaeze Onah from

She is a Fashion and Lifestyle blogger and did you know she is also an Ex-beauty queen? Cool right? She is so versatile and fashion forward when it comes to styling, and what we love about Ada is she can go from elegant and sophisticated to casual and still look chic. She looks divine in everything she wears.

STYLETITUDE is an online journal that features street affordable style, trendsetters, lookbooks, beauty notes, style attitude, the fashion industry and the finest fashion finds (FFF). She shares tips and secrets on how to workpieces together and where to shop them at best bargains. Ada started in high-school by helping friends, families and clients look their very best in their weddings, prom, birthdays, and meetings or occasions they have to attend. She is also a model and an electrical/electronic engineering student.

You can connect with her on Instagram@styletitudebyada and also check out her website at

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Contributor: Benita James [Personal blog:]

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Hello, I’m Benita James, Self-driven, goal-oriented and disciplined when it comes to getting things done. In Russia currently studying, definitely not in English medium but in the Russian language. I did a lot of international beauty pageants here and a few modeling but it didn’t really keep me grounded until last year late June when I finally decided to start my own Style blog ( ) There I talk about everything in between, style, lifestyle, brands, I sometimes vent but its life.

Truth be told, when I started my blog last year I spoke with my sister about how we didn’t have a blogging platform for bloggers in Nigeria to come together, lo and behold then came TBP, right timing. Then a few months later they were in search of Interns, I applied, got accepted and this is me here, the Facebook Manager. I’m really looking forward to what TBP offers in the long run cause in already few months we have achieved a lot. [Joined TBP in 2017]

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