Featured Post: Don’t Miss It – I Am Offering FREE Blog Consultation To 4 Lucky Bloggers

Don’t Miss It – I Am Offering FREE Blog Consultation To 4 Lucky Bloggers

You already know one of my favourite things in the world is seeing other bloggers grow and helping every little way I can. So, this month, I have decided to offer one of my services to 4 lucky bloggers. I get lots of questions through social media DMs and emails concerning blogging in general. Sometimes, I legitimately can’t keep up. Lately, few people even asked me to be their “Blog mentor”, like I was surprised and honoured at the same time cos for me, that’s a big deal. It shows you guys actually read my blog and trust me enough to give me such a HUGE responsibility.

So, I will pick 4 bloggers who can ask me anything about blogging for a week on a personal scale (Through Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime etc). For that 1 week, I am at your service. I will take time out to sit and go through your blog and give constructive feedback then, we both work on making it better. I will share personal and top secret tricks and tips with you….

So, what are you waiting for to enter? Hurry……

Consultation dates:

– 2nd to 8th of October (Blogger 1)

– 9th to 15th of October (Blogger 2)

– 16th to 22nd of October (Blogger 3)

– 23rd to 29th of October (Blogger 4)

[*After this offer, I will be back to normal blog consultation rate charge – Affordable]

How to enter: CLICK HERE

Article by: Maryam Salam

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