Before the day (Check-list)

Because we want you to take the most out of this event, we have compiled a checklist to guide and prepare you for the day.

  • Don’t forget, theme is ‘All-white’ = All white outfit


  • Camera (If possible, bring extra camera battery) – No need to come with a photographer, a blogger is always there to help


  • Phone charged and ready for LIVE coverage (Snapchat, Insta-live, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) – Don’t forget to use the hashtag #tbpbloggersbrunh2 on all pictures (It’s easy for us to find & repost)


  • Business card: This is the most important. What is a networking event with coming in with your business card anyways?! – A card with your full name, blog link, phone number, active email address and all social media handles


  • Extras: selfie stick, tripod or monopod always comes in handy.


“You don’t have to worry about being alone, remember your first day at school? Yes, you were alone but you met people – Everyone is in the same boat as yourself”