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Author: Demi Akin

PR and Assistant Creative Director

Guess who’s on our December cover!

“Style… makes you stand out amongst millions of people. It’s your identity and should be unique just like a fingerprint” – Ifeanyi Okafor Jr Male fashion bloggers are becoming a major style force in the Nigerian fashion industry and Ifeanyi Okafor Jr. is definitely one of the leading men on this. Stylish, modern and with a sense of style that’s…

HTT Recap! – How to be Consistent

Consistency! If there’s one thing any successful person in this world has it’s consistency. Whether it’s a brand, an organisation or a blogger. We all know the importance of consistency and constantly stress about it on the Hot Topic forum. However, how easy is it to stay consistent as a blogger? For some, it comes naturally, for others, not so…


Hi, everyone. Welcome back to The Blogger Point. This post is another recap of our weekly Hot Topic Thursday Forum discussion and last week we discussed… HOW TO DEFINE GOOD CONTENT “Write good content”. “Create good content.”. “Good content will boost your traffic.”. These are all phrases you will know too well as a blogger. Online resources tell you to create…