About the Brunch

TBP Bloggers Brunch is an annual event organised with the aim of bringing bloggers across different niches in Nigeria together under the same roof.

The brunch is a great opportunity and platform provided for bloggers to network, learn and share with one another. The first TBP bloggers brunch and the first of it’s kind in Nigeria, was held in August 2016 both in Lagos and Abuja and was floral themed. The brunch was well attended with over 100 bloggers present across both locations

This year, the planning committee has revamped the brunch a whole lot and taken into consideration all the feedback received from last year brunch. Hence, this is why a seminar session has been included as part of the event this year. The seminar will be given by a panel of reputable bloggers and industry expertises within Nigeria who will share their journey, contribution, tricks and tips on becoming a successful in Nigeria blogosphere.

Our aim this year is to have every blogger that attends, gain practical knowledge that would be useful to them throughout their blogging career either through the seminar, networking with other bloggers and guests or securing a collaboration right there with brand owners.


Lagos: 20th of August 2017 (Barbar lounge)

Abuja: 27th of August 2017 (Laguna lounge & bar)

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