Danie’s Corner – 7 Things All Successful Bloggers/YouTubers Have in Common


From following a lot of bloggers on their blogs, YouTube channels and social media posts. They are a number of things that these bloggers have in common that can help upcoming bloggers to be equally successful as well.

1.Blog goals & purpose – Many bloggers and YouTubers who are successful have a purpose as to why they set up their blogs, what they hope to achieve and set goals for their blog – yearly, quarterly or monthly goals in different aspects of blogging that they work towards achieving.

2.Photos and Graphics – I can’t overemphasise this enough. I came across some really creative blogs and Instagrams this past week that made me see that people are really putting effort into their feeds.  Images are major to a blogger, it’s what your readers see, it’s what you post and pin on social media and many of the successful bloggers you can name know this rule.

3. Schedules & structure – Successful bloggers have a  posting schedule and structure on their blogs and channels that they stick to such as particular days of the week their readers should expect new posts from them, monthly posts they always put up, etc. Which helps them to be consistent, organised and keeps the followers in the know.

4. Connect With Their Followers – As much as they can, many successful bloggers try to connect with their readers and followers , it might be tasking to connect with each and everyone especially if you have a lot, but as much as you can respond to comments, questions, enquiries and appreciate your readers. That way, you create a bond with them which is very vital.

5. Active on social media – Social media is the number 1 tool now for creating awareness. If you want people to know about you and your work, you need to find your way to Facebook, Instagram , Pinterest. Twitter, Snapchat and some bloggers are everywhere on the internet and manage to stay active on all these platforms because it’s crucial to putting yourself out there, connecting with your followers and being recognised by brands for partnerships. Successful bloggers maximise to social media to the fullest.

6. Unique creativity – There are so many bloggers and YouTubers that I follow and keep discovering new ones every day. Even in the same niche, no two bloggers are the same and they are equally successful and amazing in their own ways. Each one has a unique creativity in their work. They don’t copy or imitate what others are doing which is a major key to being original, authentic and standing out.

7. Effort into their posts – Sometimes I watch some videos or come across some posts and I can only imagine the amount of time, creativity, effort, skill and much more that went into creating such good quality content. Successful bloggers go all out when it comes to their content.

So that’s what I was able to recognise in the blogosphere, if there are any other tips you can draw from successful bloggers that are not on this list, please comment them down below. Thanks for reading till the end. Happy blogging!

Happy blogging!





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