222 Blog Post Ideas That Will Drive Traffic To Your Blog [2018 Blog Post Ideas Recap]

Generating consistent blog post ideas isn’t easy and It takes mastering the secret of ‘content generation‘ to consistently produce contents that will make your regular readers come back and attract new people that will remain loyal to your blog for months.

Personally, it took me a couple of years to master how to consistently generate “high quality” contents. And, also create “eye-catching” contents for my social platforms that can attract both followers and brands.

Before proceeding, I have good news for you: Due to popular demands, I will be taking limited bloggers/aspiring bloggers on one-to-one intense “Blogging consultation/Brainstorming session” that will last for 2hours [Limited slots]. To get the best out of your money worth, I will advise you book your slot as earlier as possible so that you can apply everything throughout the year of 2019. Blogging is a serious business for those who are ready to invest in themselves to get the best out of it. Creating great content is good but you need to learn how to convert those great contents into revenue for yourself [Part of the things we will be covering in the session]. Sincerely, there are lots of classes out there, mostly generalised but nothing can beat a one to one session with solutions aligning with your blog [It is more effective].

*Only 12 slots will be available this year – If you think you can’t afford it for this month, sincerely, I will advise you to start saving because I will literally be giving you all my tricks and tips + templates I use for myself.

Areas we will be covering are [You pick 3 areas you want us to focus on]:

  • How to generate ‘High Quality’ content consistently for your blog [I am not giving you blog post ideas because I want you to stop relying on others but learn how to generate contents yourself]
  • Content planning and structuring for your blog and Social Platforms [Instagram & Pinterest]
  • Personal Branding [Building your tribe and authority in your niche]
  • Monetising using your blog and Instagram [Free template on how to pitch a brand and get paid]
  • Editing Like A Pro [Free Pre-recorded guide: Editing like a badass for Instagram]
  • How to start a blog [Giving a step by step guide on how to start your blog + You get to ask me everything you want to know]

*This exclusive session comes at a fee of £50 [Equivalent in Naira] with the possibility to pay twice 50/50 [50% deposit to be made during booking and 50% to be paid latest a week to your consultation date – deposit is non-refundable]

222 Blog Post Ideas That Will Drive Traffic To Your Blog In 2019

Back to the post of the day. Below is the compilation of the monthly blog post ideas share last year which I believe are still very much relevant this year [Replace year 2018 with 2019]:

  1. Share your plan for the month
  2. Share your monthly read
  3. Books you read last month
  4. Compilation of your ‘October post’
  5. Your 2019 plan for your blog
  6. Your current recipes/meal plan
  7. Trends you loved in 2018 and wish to see trending in 2019
  8. Your favourite TV shows
  9. 10 places you want to visit in 2019
  10. 10 bloggers you met in 2018 and what you love about them
  11. Your top 5 favourite blogs and why you love reading them
  12. Your opinion on the future of blogging
  13. Instagram storytelling VS blog!
  14. Share a guest post
  15. Create a list of 15 bloggers to follow on Instagram to stay motivated in 2019
  16. Vlog – A day in your life!
  17. Balancing blogging and 9 to 5/full-time education
  18. Make an alphabetic (A-Z) list on “blogging advice”
  19. 10 things you learnt from blogging so far
  20. Share a process: Planning a Christmas campaign? – Carry your readers along
  21. Attended an event recently? – Share your experience
  22. Be transparent – 5 ways you made money or got collaborations from blogging this year
  23. Share a FREE template
  24. Something special is happening in your personal life right now? – share with your readers
  25. Share an editing “How-to”
  26. Do a giveaway
  27. Launch a challenge this month and be accountable
  28. Share a Christmas gift ideas for BF/GF/Husband/Wife/Best-friend
  29. Plan a Christmas gift-swap with other bloggers
  30. Write a letter to yourself to read at the end of 2019


31. Independence Day post 

32. My thoughts on Nigeria current situation for the youth

33. Blogging in Nigeria: What I really think it is now and will be in the future

34. Last tier of the year review: What is my plan for the rest of the year

35. October is National Book Month: Books I have read so far!

36. Top 5 post from my blog I will recommend you read now


37. Autumn-Winter Lookbook

38. Early Christmas party inspiration 

39. Share a week transitional look for Autumn-Winter

40. Fashion Haul for less than X amount

41. Top 10 bloggers style you need to steal before the end of 2018


42. Best foundation for the colder season

43. What’s in my makeup bag

44. Autumn-Winter beauty inspiration

45. Top 5 skincare products to keep your skin glowy and moisturised

46. Come beauty shopping with me {Video}

Blogging Tips:

47. Top 5 blogging mistakes you can avoid now

48. What blogging challenges do you want to overcome?

49. Top 5 apps I’ve been using a lot lately

50. Top 5 posts on The Blogger Point that really helped me this year {Tag us, We will repost}

51. Top 15 bloggers, I learned from this year & What they taught me


52. Welcome to my office space!

53. My blogging stationaries + How I use them

54. Discover my Pinterest inspired bedroom

55. My DIY workplace on a budget

56. Home haul


57. Why taking a creative break is necessary

58. What to do while taking a creative break

59. How to disconnect from social media

60. 5 things that have become important to me

61. How I take care of my mental health

62. Share what you loved about May

63. What’s on your bucket list?

64. Post a challenge

65. Share an entrepreneurial book or seminar you read/attended last month

66. Share your April highlights

67. Update an old post

68. Create a Mother’s Day gift list

69. Mother’s Day: Write an open letter to your Mum

70. Share the biggest lessons you learned from your Mum growing up

71. Share your favourite Spring look/trend

72. What keeps you motivated last month

73. What did you do on Workers Day

74. Went on a trip? Share

75. Met someone lately? Share how you met

76. Share a turorial on how you take your Instagram pictures

77. Ever pitched to a brand before for a collaboration? Share your experience

78. Lesson learned from April

79. Are you graduating soon? Share your favourite graduation looks

80. Launch a challenge and feature your followers who take part

81. Share a list of events happening in your city

82. Share a recipe [You don’t have to be a food blogger]

83. Forecast: Share things that will be trending in your niche soon

84. Attended any event lately? Share your experience

85. Share a very bad day in your life, what you learned from it and how you moved on

86. Are you a part-time employee or a full-time student? Share how you manage that with blogging

87. Get crafty! Make one of your favourite pin on Pinterest

88. Profile a fellow blogger

89. Collaborate with few bloggers [Even outside your city or niche]

90. Share 10 things people didn’t know about you

91. Share a how-to guide on something you are good at…

92. Share your favourite posts on TBP!

93. April Fool [Sorry this post is out after the first but maybe there is something like a late April fool]

94. Start reading a book today and do a review at the end of the month

95. Start a thankful journal [Write down everything you are thankful for daily and share at the end of the week or month]

96. Try a new meal plan

97. Cook something foreign and share [What is Somali national meal?] – Research and try it out

98. Q & A: This never gets old.

99. World Health Day [7th of April]

100. Met someone lately? Share how you met

101. Document you weekly outfit to work or school

102. Take part in a webinar [Learn or improve your skills

103. Save up to attend a seminar or pay for a course

104. Complete a survey on a topic you are interested in

105. Travelled lately? Rather than do a vlog, do a travel guide [E.g: 10 Must-visit places in Ghana]

106. Share how you spent your Easter break

107. Planning your summer break? Share your plan

108. Write a letter to your secret crush

109. Compose an open-letter to your BF, GF or Fiance without revealing their identity

110. Share your realness [The worst/best day of your life]

111. Share your first ever date experience

112. Share your new skincare/beauty/grooming routine

113. Your favourites Nigerian brand

114. Share your collaboration experience with a Nigerian and international brand

115. Your favourites YouTubers/Bloggers or Content creators

116. Share what you love about blogging/social media

117. Ever made a huge blogging/business mistake? Share with others

118. Roundup links of interesting articles you read lately

119. List of actionable tips that will help your readers do something better

120. Have a wish list? Share your April wishlist

121. Dedicate a post to your readers [Make a list of your regular/frequent blog readers and thank them publicly]

122. Check your “most popular” post from last month, write something related to that topic

123. Are you great at doing a particular thing, share a step by step guide

124. Read a book last month? Write a review

125. Are you a student or work full time? Teach your audience how to balance that with blogging

125. Recap: Share your favourite bloggers of the month (February) – Say what you love about them, how they inspire you and send them a little email/message to notify they are being featured on your blog

126. How have you been staying consistent with blogging lately? Share your inspiration

127. Recap: Share your favourite articles on TBP!

128. Noticed any new trend in the industry? Share your opinion about it

129. Share what you are loving at the moment

130. It’s my birthday [March 10th] – Tell how you found out about me or TBP & What you like about me/my Instagram or blog?

131. Share what you can’t live without

132. Challenge: Reach out to a new blogger monthly for collaboration

133. Introduce us to your brother/sister/Boyfriend/Girlfriend or pet

134. Share your favourite memes of the month

135. How to ________________________ 

136. An Important day: Women’s history month – Write about the women who inspire you

137. Is your birthday coming up? Share your birthday wish-list or celebration plan

138. An important day: Saint Patrick Day! – March 17th

139. Share some blog post ideas too

140. Reach out: Hot a blog guest post on your platform

141. Share your holiday dream location

142. Vlog! – Video content is still on the BOOMING!

143. Review a restaurant you visited or product you used recently

144. An important day: It’s national puppy day – March 23rd!

145. An Important day: Earth Hour Day! How do you plan to go green this day? Document and share

146. Editing tips: Share how you edit your images [Trust me, they can never get same end result as you – no one can be you]

147. Learnt a new skill recently? Share it with your audience

148. Volunteer for something this month. Then, document and share on your blog

149. Challenge: Start “A picture per day” challenge then share at the end of the month on your blog

150. Share your favourite Instagram pages

151. Share 5 things to do in your city/town [Local Area]

152. Valentine gift ideas for HIM

153. Valentine gift ideas for HERE

154. Top romantic places to visit in Lagos/Abuja or Nigeria on Valentine day

155. Top romantic dinner recipes to try out on Valentine day

156. Beauty blogger: Get ready with me: Valentine Edition

157. Fashion blogger: 5 Valentine looks you can rock on February 14th

158. Unusual Valentine date looks

159. DIY bloggers: 5 Easy DIY gift ideas

160. 5 affordable Valentine gifts

161. 5 ways to surprise HIM/HER on Valentine day

162. Confession: A love letter to my special Valentine

163. A love note to my future Valentine

164. How to spend Valentine when you are single

165. Travel bloggers: Top inexpensive Valentine getaway package

166. Round-up post of your first month in 2018 – “What I’ve been up to so far in 2018..”

167. Lifestyle: Share you 2018 vision board

168. Valentine: Your Valentine plan/How you are spending Valentine this year

169. Vlogging is growing: Share a day in your life vlog

170. Share your January goals and how you smashed them/What you’ve done so far

171. Do a Q & A: Monthly Q&A

172. Beauty: Share a review

173. Set a monthly challenge and share how you complete it

174. Inspiration: Share your daily prayer for the new month

175. Fashion: Do a 1-month lookbook shoot [Thats a lot but you can collaborate with other bloggers]

176. Share your new blogging routine of the year

177. Something interesting happened to you recently? Share a story

178. Read a book? Share your thoughts

179. Share your favourite Instagrammers

180. Collaborate with fellow bloggers and share your life management tips

181. Organise a hangout with few local bloggers: Share pictures from your hangout

182. Share your gym routine/exercise

183. Share your favourite breakfast/lunch/dinner recipe

184. Monthly wish-list

185. Monthly haul and shopping tips

186. Publish a guest post

187. A list of the top inspiring blogs you visited/read in January

188. Share your everyday routine

189. Your beauty/grooming routine

190. Share your New year budgeting idea’s

191. Share your diet/healthy recipes

192. Host a guest post on your blog

193. Finally, why not return the love and share list of your favourite posts on TBP website/Why other bloggers need to know about TBP

194. Share your previous year blogging recap (If you haven’t shared it in December)

195. Share your new year blogging goals and resolution

196. Share your new year challenge list

197. Share your new year wish-list

198. Write an open letter to one of your regular blog reader or follower

199. Get more personal with your readers: Share a personal story

200. Want to re-brand? Share the new structure with your readers

201. Introduce something new: new series or episode on your blog

202. Do an updated “Get to know me tag”

203. Host a guest post

204. Share your routine

205. Share your new year ‘Bucket list’

206. Do a review!

207. Vlog a day in your life

208. Write an open call for bloggers collaboration with your blog

209. Share your biggest fears and how you wish to overcome it this year

210. Share some tips from previous year

211. Share list of events you wish to attend in the new year – Something your readers can look forward to with you

212. Pick a charity to support this year and share your support journey with your readers

213. Do a Q & A!

214. Share a day at work or school

215. Profile someone in the industry

216. Share a poem – We’ve all written one at a point in our life

217. Share monthly prayer lines

218. Share a summary of your blog aim this year with your readers

219. Ask your readers for help – Great for engagement

220. What are you good at? Do a “How to..” post

221. Tell your readers a story – Fiction or real

222. Share your first time in…..ANYTHING

223. Do a giveaway alone or in collaboration with another blogger

If I were you, I will bookmark this page and return back to it every-time I need blog post ideas. Remember, there is a NEW post every Saturday. I will really appreciate your feedback in the comment session below. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram @itsmaryamsalam.

DM me @itsmaryamsalam on Instagram if interested!
Maryam Salam

Maryam Salam is the founder and chief-editor of Thebloggerpoint.com. She studied BA Fashion Marketing and Branding Degree (Business Dev) at Nottingham Trent University, the UK in 2016 and currently completing her MSc degree in Entrepreneurship & International Business while working as a part-time stylist at Karen Millen. She has collaborated and worked with several brands both in Nigeria and abroad such as ASOS, Next, Accessorize, Maju, Grass-field etc.

If she isn’t busy running around for meetings/shopping her next style content pieces. Maryam can be found creating fashion contents or working on developing business strategies for small and upcoming businesses. You can catch up with her personal fashion style and lifestyle in general here.You can also get in touch with her through mail: maryam.daisy@yahoo.com or on social media @itsmaryamsalam (Instagram)



  1. Hameedah
    January 5, 2019 / 10:58 am

    Thank you so much for sharing these. Let’s just say I’ve figured out half of the posts I’ll be publishing on my blog this year with this very detailed list you made. Also going to bookmark this and come back to it every now and then. So comprehensive. I love it ❤️ Thank you.

    • Maryam Salam
      January 6, 2019 / 6:20 pm

      That’s great to hear. I am glad you find it helpful

  2. Oyindamola
    January 5, 2019 / 12:01 pm

    Thank you for sharing this, I have added more ideas. I love it .

  3. Yemisi
    January 5, 2019 / 7:11 pm

    Thank you for sharing ,my blog has being very quiet lately.


    • Maryam Salam
      January 6, 2019 / 6:20 pm

      Thank you for reading. I am glad this is helpful for you

  4. Lazyblogger
    January 6, 2019 / 1:16 am

    Thanks for sharing
    This was very helpful

    • Maryam Salam
      January 6, 2019 / 6:21 pm

      Thank you for reading and taking time out to drop a comment

  5. Modest_meena
    January 6, 2019 / 7:28 am

    Wow!You are so intelligent,i admire you alot…This post has made my year already,Thank you so much Maryam!May Allah grant all your heart desires❤❤❤

    • Maryam Salam
      January 6, 2019 / 6:22 pm

      Ameen. Thank you. Glad you find it helpful

  6. Withlovedeelah
    January 6, 2019 / 3:50 pm

    Okay, no jokes this is literally the best post for me ever. I just came across your IG page, and I feel like crying😖where have you been? Thanks a lot Maryam, I’m a new blogger started fully this year and I hope to make the beat out of it. I’ll be sure to check you up always. Thanks a lot for the tips, you’re an amaze balls ♥😍

    • Maryam Salam
      January 6, 2019 / 6:23 pm

      Girlllllll, Welcome to the family. Thank you for reading. Glad you find it helpful…

  7. Sylvia
    January 6, 2019 / 9:25 pm

    Life saving. Glad i dropped by. Reading more blogs should be it for me this year. This is one of the best I’ve come across. Thanks for sharing

    • Maryam Salam
      January 7, 2019 / 8:06 pm

      Oh, Glad you find it helpful.

  8. Sovandalah Devi D/O Ganesan
    January 7, 2019 / 3:54 pm

    Thank you so much for this!!! 🙂

    • Maryam Salam
      January 7, 2019 / 8:06 pm

      Thank you for reading

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