Danie’s Corner : The Secrets to Having a Cohesive Instagram Feed

  Having a cohesive Instagram feed is every blogger’s or influencer’s goal nowadays. What is a feed? A feed is a grid-like arrangement and view of your photos side by side when a person first clicks on your name and gets on your page. Your overall feed is the first impression they have about you before they click individual photos. A cohesive feed is one that…

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Blogging: Look How Top Bloggers Are Staying Inspired In Their Niche (3 Top Tips)

HOW TO STAY INSPIRED AS A BLOGGER When I started blogging, I was totally lost! I couldn’t even understand the features on my dashboard. Quickly, I went crying for help on search engines. I saw a couple of posts on how to find your footing as a new blogger and one of the most important tip was to have other blogs you can learn from.…

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Buzz: Would You Try A Minimalism Lifestyle?

Video source: Buzzfeed Would You Try A Minimalism Lifestyle? I talked about watching a Minimalism lifestyle documentary on my Insta-story yesterday and few people requested for the video. I personally find it very interesting and ever since, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I feel like I want to really integrate Minimalism into my lifestyle for many reasons such as reducing unnecessary purchase, smarter investment…

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Blog Tips: Blogging Can Be Overwhelming, This Is How To Easily Avoid ‘Blogging Burnout’

Blogging Can Be Overwhelming, How To Avoid ‘Blogging Burnout’ Wow, I can’t believe there was no post published on the blog last week. Guys, I am really sorry to disappoint but I’ve been ill and I just needed time to take good care of myself. The Uni, work and blogging stress really got to me. The weather changes as well weren’t  helping but I am…

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