Lifestyle: Why You Seriously Need To Start Building Your Own Business Now,As A Creative Person!

Ever wondered why lots of qualified lawyers or doctors are musicians or comedians after spending several years in University?  A year after graduating from university, spending 3 years studying Fashion Marketing and Branding (Ignore the word ‘fashion’, its was basically Business Development) which I loved studying and enjoyed every bits of it, got me thinking of how I got myself in this 9 to 5 Marketing…

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4 Important Blog Pages You Should Have On Your Blog!

4 Important Blog Pages You Should Have Apart from the fact that these pages make your blog look professional and legit. These are important blog pages you need to have if you plan to work with brands and affiliate links. It’s all part of branding and facilitate ways for brands to get in touch with you. Let’s get straight into it: About me: This is a…

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Danie’s Corner – 5 Reasons Every Blogger Needs Google Analytics To Monitor Blog Traffic, Now!

For those who don’t know, Google Analytics is an amazing web application from Google that allows you to track and monitor your website traffic and the best part is that it’s completely free. Now, how can Google Analytics benefit you and your blog? If you aren’t set up with Google Analytics yet, I recommend you do so immediately after this blog post. It will completely revolutionise…

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Casually Confessing On The Blog Like Nothing Happened! [Ramadan Inspired]

Casually Confessing On The Blog…. Initially, I didn’t plan to say this but because it’s Ramadan (Holy month), I have decided to confess. If you follow me closely on Instagram, remember I mention how this jeans jacket casually became mine. Originally, belongs to my dad, but my #InstaFam encouraged me to keep it (Just kidding, not blaming anyone) but then fast forward, this black oversized…

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Opportunity : Reflections Beauty and Spa Satin Pillow Travel set review (2 Bloggers Needed)

Reflections Beauty and Spa is an Abuja based beauty salon specialising in all aspects of beauty grooming. The product to be reviewed is a Satin Pillow and Eye Mask set ideal for all natural hair enthusiast and ladies who love a good night’s rest without having to worry about hair damage! The Brand needs 2 bloggers with natural hair to try out and review this travel…

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