Meet the TBP Brunch Sponsors who will all be contributing one way or the other to this year’s event.

A huge thank you to them for supporting us and making this brunch a success.

Belles Impressions specializes in creating high quality Ankara notebooks that are perfect for many purposes. From keeping records of your day to day activities, jotting down your thoughts or even as a diary, they are definitely a must have! connect with them on Instagram at @bellesimpressions
Kush Organics offers 100 % natural and organic hair and skincare products which are all hand made. The brand’s products are all vegan friendly and cruelty free. For more information on Kush Organics, connect with them on Instagram @kushorganics_
Deluxe Hues is a beauty brand that provides high quality makeup artistry tools. The is owned and was launched early this year and bloggers attending the brunch will be one of the first people to try out the brands exclusive makeup brushes.  You can find out more about the brand on instagram @deluxe_hues














Brownie’s cakerie is an Abuja based cakerie that specializes in making sweet, delicious cupcakes, chocolate cakes, cookies, red velvet cakes, birthday cakes, anniversary cakes you name it. One of their most eye catching desserts is their cake-pops (Cakes shaped like lolly pops) which we absolutely adore! Find them on Instagram @ browniescakerie
Shop Elo as a brand makes souvenir bags for clients and also produce for brands as well. Tote bags made by them can be personalized with your initials, slogan of choice or just about anything you want, how cool that? You can also shop their Instagram feed @ shopel0
Abike’s Stylin’ is a Clothing brand in Nigeria focused on producing classy, elegant high fashion & luxury outfits. Mainly gorgeous Ankara, they are definitely a must have to stand out and look classy for any event or occasions. For information on Abikes stylin’, find them on Instagram @Abike’s Stylin, like them on Facebook or simply check out their website to stay updated on new arrivals.
















Fashion is a Nigerian bespoke fashion brand, which was borne out of the need to promote made in Nigeria products, as well as create a statement in the fashion industry through exquisite fashion products. Father Paul focuses on handcrafted footwear and has expanded their product range to include shirts, trousers, kaftan, and suits. By teaming up with vibrant designers, Father Paul continued to satisfy the needs of their clients. The brand operates from its base in Lagos, Nigeria, and delivers nationwide to other parts of Nigeria.Check out some of their unique pieces on Instagram @fatherpaulng
Specializing in every makeup lover’s favourtie friend, Lash Glam Girl is a beauty brand that sells glamorous Siberian mink lashes and 3D lashes. Their lashes have been used by some of the countries most sort after makeup artists and we can’t wait for our TBP Bloggers to get their hands on some of their luxurious lashes as well! Their instagram handle is @lashbyglamgirl
Cake Town is a returning sponsor to the TBP Brunch! The brand specialises in providing exotic and amazing desserts and cakes by utilizing unique and fresh ingredients. Their cakes are absolutely amazing and I’m sure the bloggers from last year’s brunch can testify to this! Connect with them on Instagram @caketownbyadohr and on Facebook @CaketownByAdohr




















Everyone loves a tee shirt, everyone loves and relates with smileys, so definitely we would love the idea of a combination of tee shirts and a smiley. Thanks to the smiley company who are gradually taking over the world one smiley at a time, we could get that combination. You want to call my bluff? Visit their page on Instagram @thesmileycompany. Thank us later!
The Tee Hub specializes in creating really cool and authentic tee shirts with cool phrases written on them. Their phrases are like the most “on point” phrases ever. They have got the best material for their tee shirts and also, you could get customized tees from them. To view their creations yourself, check out their Instagram page @theteehub_ng
Mayanga specializes in skin care. Everyone wants that spotless glowing skin and Mayanga has got just the right skin care products for you. If you’ve got a skin care routine, they definitely should be a part of it, if you don’t, not to worry, they’ve got you covered still. For more details on their product and services, reach out to them on Instagram @mayanga_
















BarBar Lagos is all about making you look good and feel good. A first in Lagos, BarBar is both the barber and the bar. Their space was built in order to make sure that each time you visit; you look good and feel great. Much more than just a bar + barbershop, it is a dedication to the cultures behind these two crafts, and the spirit of community they foster when at their very best. BarBar was built to house great craftsmanship, wonderful spaces, good vibes and awesome people. For more information on BarBar Lagos Venue, connect with them on Instagram @ Barbar Lagos
Laguna Lounge & Bar is an outdoor lounge that is standardised to a world class level in order to meet all requirements necessary for customers to have fun. With a great ambience, a pool right by the bar, this lounge makes for the perfect hangout for any event. From wedding receptions, bridal showers and hangouts like the TBP brunch, Laguna lounge is the place to be